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Markie Mark and his Hollywood bananas!

For those who still take these election results seriously, where Rutte 4us turns out to be a fact and Sigrid Kaag rose to unprecedented heights, got a great treat, you'll have voted VVD or D'66, well you already know whatever you have on them!

This disgusting soap appeared a bit to me, as a first attempt to change penny, it has nothing to do with political companies at all, I have only occasionally looked at this puppet show, but the objective is clear, certain stakeholders want Mark Rutte would like to dismiss VVD and bomb Sigrid Kaag as the new prime minister of the Netherlands.

Now it is all too bizarre for words that a Mark Rutte has managed to garner his party so many votes in the first place, but a Sigrid Kaag her party Death after 66, the organs and euthanasia party have risen by dot is an unprecedented trick. , in which I still ask myself how accountable the people still are, who would actually have voted this?

The so-called scouts Jorritsma VVD and Ollongren D'66, the accompanying officials and of course our professional liar Rutte gave a small demonstration of how to ban the few real representatives of the people in the cabinet Rutte 4us.

So the people who are still really committed to the population, such as a Pieter Omtzigt who unfortunately is in the wrong party, can give him a position elsewhere or bomb him as minister, so that he can no longer be the louse in the fur in a new Rutte cabinet. 4us!

The fact that I am writing about Rutte 4us is also not without reason, because with a vote for both VVD and D'66, the choice has apparently been for a continuation of the curfew and lockdown indefinitely, vaccination has been chosen, so not for Healthy Good sense, because Karel van Wolferen tells something different about his latest edition of his magazine, something that should literally scare people to death.

Because I am calling it quite a few 3964 direct deaths and 162601 injured people, which are clearly due to the vaccine, which while the agency reporting these official figures may still be keeping these figures very low and for the very short term.

The plea that Wybren van Haga (FvD) makes about this to outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (CDA) is clearly not out of the blue, they are just facts, then medication such as Ivermectin and HCQ in combination with zinc and a virus inhibitor are real. much more responsible!

It is simply absurd that we are no longer given the free choice, that we are no longer allowed to demonstrate for our freedom, that our so-called parliament is sending us all but a few, and that the media, with the exception of a few. , now that the population is still filling up with fear twenty-four hours a day about a virus that you, as a normal person, can get better than the vaccine that is intended against it, even if you belong to one of the risk groups.

Coming back to what is now going on around the formation of Rutte 4us, we see the many lies that have surfaced once again.

The censorship, fraud and deception have become so great that I do not believe that we will come out of this unharmed, that ME and police have even lost respect for the veterans is very telling, gradually we are heading for the inevitable , the moment someone takes up arms and starts to open fire on the “authorities” and a civil war starts.

This Netherlands of today has become unrecognizable to me, it has become a banana republic, I do not see the old normal returning and for the people who are still sitting with their heads in the sand, it will soon be a complete nightmare, if not they still get up.

Obviously a forum like CSTV attracts a lot of good people, the van Rients Hofstra I see as a possible option to separate us as citizens from the puppet show we have been in for years now, a binding corrective referendum, so not in D'66 style, would already be a blessing for us as humans , that such an enormous row is already going on among the MPs so shortly after the elections, it is very clear that this current system is completely rotten and needs to be replaced, if nothing is done about this for the better, then I will definitely not go to the polls anymore, then this would be the last time I will have cast my vote!

Since 2002 we have been at the mercy of the Philistines, we have only drifted further into the globalist swamp, we have only been made to believe that we could not do without a European Union, well this union starts suspiciously like the former GDR or the former Soviet Union, it will not take long, then people will flee to where people used to flee from, something like that gives you to think, in 2005 our politics wiped its ass at the will of the people, the malaise that the EU and the euro have brought are enormous, we have nothing more to say in our own country, this must stop and the Netherlands must become a sovereign country again, enough is enough!

Chris Collard.

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