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Martin Bosma - Summary of lies Ollongren

"I would have loved to have tabled a vote of no confidence against this minister."

This is how it starts Martin Bosma from the PVV his argument to then the rest of his dissatisfaction about it Kajsa Ollongren from D66.

"That whole fake news hoax was one big puppet show!"

Bosma did not submit any motion. See the video of Bosma's short contribution.

Kajsa Ollongren was absent due to illness.

A month ago she underwent surgery at her sinus. She did not recover as expected.

"The operation went well, but there were other medical complications. Fortunately they seem to be treatable, but it takes time before I am fully recovered ”, said the retired minister. "That also requires me to work on strengthening a virtue that I don't know so well: patience." reports the Telegraaf.





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