Face mask obligation in Rotterdam ?? Hand in hand comrades! That duty must FAIL 100%!

UPDATE! Amsterdammers and Rotterdammers: Do not be intimidated and do not impose very unhealthy measures. These measures are prohibited by WET!

Face mask obligation in Amsterdam and Rotterdam!

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam calls the mouth mask obligation a form of customization. “We will conduct an extensive information campaign to keep people informed. We request that people in busy areas wear a face mask. If they don't, we ask them to leave. And possibly - but I don't assume that - also fine. ”

The legal basis does not differ, according to Aboutaleb, from all previous corona measures arising from the emergency ordinance.

"We want to encourage people to behave properly." If people are going to challenge a possible fine, they can. “I am not a scientist, I am a director”, he added.

Then he should listen to scientists. Those thousands of scientists and doctors who are gagged!

“The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region reports that people who do not follow the measures are held accountable for this. This could lead to a request to leave the area or a fine. From 5 August, mouth masks will also be distributed at the locations concerned to support people as much as possible in following up on the measure. ” reports the NOS.

"In Rotterdam, people in shopping areas in the center of Rotterdam have to wear a face mask, such as on the Coolsingel, Lijnbaan,"

“Meent and around the Nieuwe Binnenwegplein. The obligation also applies to the markets on Visserijplein, Afrikaanderplein and Binnenrotte and the covered shopping centers Alexandrium and Zuidplein. The mask is mandatory from 6.00:22.00 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. "

“In Amsterdam, it will be mandatory to wear a mouth mask in the Red Light District and in the shopping streets Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. Also on markets Square '40 -'45 (very appropriate !!) and the Albert Cuypstraat, wearing a mouth mask will be mandatory. ”

In other words:

Keep your mouth shut, keep your muzzle up and away!

Mouth masks, you are pure madness! 

Fines for doing something very unhealthy. A muzzle. Are you crazy?

Even worse…

“The safety regions emphasize that the does not replace the one-and-a-half measure. It is not yet clear how municipalities will enforce the masking obligation. "

This means… keep your distance and put on a muzzle! Only the curfew as in Antwerp is still missing.


Beautiful Rotterdam


Left-wing Amsterdam will adapt to the wishes of the government. Let the real Amsterdammers get up !!

And Rotterdam ??

Oh yeah?? What are you going to do against The Legion?

The city of workers. Van Feyenoord. From Sparta and Excelsior. No bluff but Rotterdam sobriety.

And the city of ... LIVE ROTTERDAM! Show yourself! Don't just hear! Stand there! Make Pim Fortuyn proud!

Require Rotterdammers to do something unhealthy? Put on a muzzle that makes your heart rate jump right away? For something that is of no use at all? HAS NO FUNCTION?

Aboutaleb:  'I want to be able to look myself deeply in the eye'

He'd better start with that today and come back to it because that's what the Rotterdammers will do. Look deeply into themselves and say: No more madness! It's finished! 

“Whether they come from Charlois or Hillegersberg: real Rotterdammers put their shoulders to the wheel. And when they say something, it is ad rem, rough and often downright hilarious. But how exactly is that? " (source)

How did that happen?

DON'T YOU KNOW THAT HORUH? Don't let this happen, Rotterdam !!

No bluff, no words ...



The rest will follow!

Hand in hand comrades! This duty must fail hopelessly!


Laugh dude

“Most Rotterdammers are indeed alert. Ad rem too: you have to come from a good family if you want to get a mouth full of teeth from Rotterdam. He's way too resourceful for that. And much too trained: humor plays an important role in the daily life of Rotterdammers. Again because life was not always easy. With humor you make suffering bearable and you can complain without being uncomfortable. Rotterdam humor is often grumpy in a funny way. By the way, be careful in other parts of the country. There they think you're a jerk when you laugh at their lament. ”


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