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Mass censorship on the Internet - Give us a moment

As most are aware, there is massive censorship on the internet and especially on social media.

In bushes they are downloaded from YouTube. Pure targeted censorship. And yes, not just from YouTube. That censorship comes from their own country. Our own media. And since there are no politicians standing up against this terrible criminal censorship… No, they bomb them as an enemy instead of talking to them. Cowardly, dishonest and revealing.

Fortunately, this is finally mainstream in the US.


They think they can silence everyone. We think they will achieve the opposite result.

People who see this, and generally have nothing to do with us (species), but do have Dutch common sense, really wake up. People have an opinion but are not crazy. Common sense people will condemn this outright. This is not about opinions. Those who disagree with us do realize that they are also being gagged and that the government is going to interfere with all aspects of your life. Everyone can already see that. Only that wafer-thin corona layer ensures that people are overwhelmed and have to be shaken awake.

Episodes like Arjan Lubach's really do not convince anyone they want. He already has that audience, people who are not stupid as he tries to portray them are triggered by this and the rest were already wide awake and immediately see through this.

This has no political color. This is not about left or right. Or white or black (thank goodness not, when we stop that racism nonsense, can't hear the word anymore). This is about it great injustice this is currently taking place in Europe and the Netherlands.

In addition, the bill to "Anti democratic groups" to tackle. Purely intended to silence people like us who want democracy back, to put them away as dangerous and even to make them punishable. They want to make us peaceful people, terrorists. Oh yes, they will calmly label us “extreme right”. That while if we want to get rid of something, it is that outdated left / right thinking. We want a policy, a society based on common sense and, above all, peace and a normal life.

People are going to see everything. Hence these draconian measures in all areas. Hence the oppression against you. The irrational oppression that for many goes so fast that one has to wake up for a while because you don't expect it. So much irrationality and injustice. They roll over us like a steamroller because they know that this irrational story will no longer hold in a few years' time. (think about why they come for your kids with this information in mind).

Truth will always win. And those who try to silence the truth will pay. But because the rig is not giving up, we face tough times. But their bill is getting higher and higher. We stand for the Netherlands. For a proud society without media that non-stop creates a world of fear for you. We are the Netherlands. Not them!


Because of all this, we won't be able to post as much in the coming days, maybe week, than you are used to. The last week it has been much less. On the one hand, you want to spend about 3 days fully on the rollout, but something happens every time and you want to write about it again and you don't want to go "black" for 3 days. That is not good because you know that many people are now following us. Thank you for this. The reactions, support and ideas, mails, comments… it is really fantastic. From all walks of life. That does so much good. Especially since it all came about that way.

We have to put all of them back, almost 600 pieces. We have of course saved them.

We are rolling out a new website that will be much clearer and where more important information is easier to find and we will post on several other video platforms. We will also do everything we can to educate people about the practices of YouTube, Google and Twitter and to show as many people as possible that there are other platforms where they can exercise their freedom of expression.

We are going to try to promote Dutch social media or other social media, where this censorship does not prevail, and to switch ourselves. YouTube (Google), Facebook and Twitter risk everything and censor shamelessly. This is nothing compared to how they get involved in the US campaign. Pure propaganda for the Democrats. To be demonstrated daily. And those Dems… they are not going to win. Let's see what happens with these censorship platforms.

We will also take other measures to avoid censorship. nothing special, but elaborating on this is not wise. It will be alright.

When everything was still “normal” we posted between 1-3 videos daily and at least an article or 5. A world achievement and a compliment to everyone who cooperates voluntarily. Who sometimes spend all their time in CSTV for days on end. But those people also have a normal life and you cannot be ready every day.

We hope to understand this. We do what we can. We have to or we'll never get it done. Also with the emails and answering them.

Kind regards,
The CSTV Team.


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