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Mass stupidity becomes clear once again

The horrific stupidity of the masses has been revealed once again.

Out of boredom and idleness, caused by the non-scientifically grounded and wrongful lockdown, many people have decided to spend their free time on Facebook and virtually pretend to live like an ant in an ant colony with other Facebook members.

This popular Facebook group is growing by the hour. The last count stood at 1.7 million followers.

To be part of the 'colony' you must first answer a number of questions correctly and then submit to the rules of the 'ANT administrators'.

Once admitted you have to do what an ant does all its life: lifting, helping, biting and running etc. But Do NOT ANTagonize the Queen! The main rule is: Protect her at all times with your life.

The QUEEN was elected on March 2020 through the 2 Elections and the winner was Bernie SANTers. She will rule over all ants and ANT administrators as their Queen.

Ants are the most systematic insects on the planet and we can all learn a thing or two from them! Have you always wondered what it would be like to live in an ordered system like an anthill? Then take your chance now. Do your best not to be trampled on.

In these times of submissive uncertainty, socialism is King, uh, Queen.

Even people without common sense could have seen that coming.

It seems that Mark, Zuck de Cuck, Zuckerberg, is taking maximum advantage of this opportunity to show his totalitarian muscles once again.

Does this government-sponsored social media platform let its followers speak out about the universal and controversial lockdown extension?

No of course not!

It is forbidden to speak about corona or the lockdown with other ants in the colony under the reglemANT on pain of banishment.

But all followers are free to conform to the collective and join the hive mind by constantly uttering monosyllabic mantras and blindly serving an anonymous so-called Queen.

Her name QUEEN must always be written in capital letters. The ants themselves all have names that start with ANT. For example: ANT Joe.

That is mandatory, because otherwise you will be corrected and taunted by your fellow ants to be excommunicated afterwards.

The ants have already come to the point of marching into other Facebook groups and applying facistic techniques to destroy them.

And that is of course exactly what is expected of them by their parasitic role models, they anticipate that.

Well done people! The training you undergo has proven to be quite effective.

If you participate long enough then maybe, just maybe your Ruler may vote first which Christians and other apostate dissenters will be sent first to the concentration camp.



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