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Today in the Netherlands the whites had to be at the back of the demonstrations and the blacks at the front. “That's how we feel what it is like.”, you hear as an absurd argument.

Tell these people ...


On average, a white farmer is murdered every five days.
Farms are forcibly seized daily or several times a day.

If we get that Zwarte Piet discussion one more time, remind people of this!


The South African opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters Party with foreman Julius Malema Singing and dancing calls for genocide against white people in South Africa.

New legislation, passed by parliament, makes it possible to take land from white farmers without compensating it.
The land reforms are against the constitution, but it has been amended.

'We have to cut the throat of everything white.', Malema called through his microphone.

Former President Zuma appoints Malema as the future leader of South Africa.

'We must restore the dignity of our people without compensating the white man.
The time of reconciliation is over.
Now the time for justice has arrived. '

'I am not calling for the slaughter of whites. At least, not yet. ', said Julius Malema in an interview.

Andile Mngxitama, leader of 'Black Land First' also held a 'kill whites' speech.
He calls for the killing of 5 whites for each black murdered.

He thinks he didn't say anything wrong: "I only stand up for black people."

BLF wants all white people to be killed along with their children and pets.

It is currently fashionable and very hip to hate white people and wish them dead.

A new South African political party African Basic Movement wants every white 'foreigner' to be deported, with or without violence.

Tortured family


Teacher Ella-Marie Kloté was ambushed in her house by a group of colored people who treated her with a gas burner. She was left for dead.

A 75-year-old white woman was tortured and molested by three blacks.

Daniel van Heerden was shot in the back by a black man. The black South African claimed to feel threatened by van Heerden.

The son of van Heerden and brother of MMA fighting champion Daniel jr., Drew attention on Facebook to the senseless and racist murder of his father:
'The world needs to know what's going on here in South Africa. Whites are killed here one by one. ', according to Christopher van Heerden.

A grandfather and grandmother were locked in a closet together with their granddaughter.
Then the black invaders tortured the father and his young son.

The father's ears were cut off and then worked over his entire body with knives.
In every possible way, he was rigged in front of his child.
The boy's face was cut open.

If this had happened to a Muslim family, the whole world would know about it and the NPO would ruminate for three months.
Now that it is a white family, everyone remains silent THE GRAVE!

'Because the farmer is white, agricultural land is confiscated by the government by murder, so that there is no need to pay for the land.
It is the definition of racism.
Racism that the Elite says is horrifying.
But now you don't hear them. ', said Tucker Carlson on his Fox Tonight Show.

Barack Obama even praised current president of South Africa and ANC member Cyril Ramaphosa, calling him "the hope of South Africa."

South Africa's apartheid regime, which ended in 1994, was denounced worldwide.
The fact that white residents of South Africa are no longer certain of their lives and that thousands of white farmers are murdered by blacks for their skin color is kept out of the news.

Donald Trump tweeted that he wants to see the murders of white farmers investigated.
He wanted to put an end to the land expropriation.

An Orwellian response from American black politicians followed:
Trump must cease his neo-Nazi propaganda!

The killings of South African farmers would not be true, according to Trump opponents, and certainly not based on skin color.

But anyone who lives in South Africa knows that it is racial hatred.

Only white farmers are asked to sell their farm and land to the government at a fraction of the price.
If they refuse, sanctions will follow:
Gangs come by and sow death and destruction.

Farms are set on fire.
Similarly, a farm that kept antelopes and ostriches.
hundreds of animals died in the flames.

Gustav Strydom of Mulati Wilddienste had to watch with hundreds of eyes how hundreds of animals died in the flames.

He tried to save some more animals, but it didn't work.

'The elite in America thinks it makes sense that these land reforms take place in this way, because during Apartheid, land was also taken from black people on ethnic grounds. These white farmers represent their ancestors because they were also white, and may therefore be punished. ', is the reasoning of the leftist elite.

'So if you get robbed on the street, is it okay to throw someone in jail who looks like the robber ?!
Or punish the robber's children?!, Tucker Carlson wonders at FOX.

Malema is calling for mass murder and genocide, but people in the US government either ignore it or justify it, which is much worse than the peasant murders themselves, Tucker thinks.

Julius Malema likes to sing the song 'Kill the farmer'.
Requests by white South Africans to stop performing the song because it incites hatred have not been honored.

12-year-old boy Emery Fiana was boiled and drowned alive after crying at the murder of both his parents.
His father Tony Fiana, a South African farmer with Portuguese ancestors, was tied up and attacked with a hunting knife. A golf stick was also used to beat the man to death.

The mother was raped and shot in the chest with a shotgun.
Their dog's stomach was ripped open.

Emery was drowned alive in a pot of boiling water.

Zimbabwe also says that it does not accept white people:
'We don't want them here.
They have stolen our land and made us tenants of our own land. '

Rothschildt's IMF (International Monetary Fund) approves land reforms.
The IMF agrees with the whole course of events, as long as it is done in an 'orderly manner'.

South African farmers were recently invited by President Putin to come and farm in Russia.
Australia also offers white farmers asylum.

SHOOT TO KILL THE FARMER: A battle song !!


If white farmers are expelled from South Africa, agricultural damage and starvation will eventually spread across the country.
IMF bankers 'support for land reforms and farmers' killings is a sign that the days of farmers are numbered.

Stefan Smit, a farmer from Louisenhof farm in Stellenbosch, was shot.

Kelly Bain was stabbed in the neck in front of her child during a deliberate attack.

Ann Smit was beaten to death with a hammer.

Ann Ferreira was found murdered in her kitchen.

Hannetjie Ludik from Pretoria was raped in her farm by five unknown dark-colored men, then they ran off with her money.

Kyle Stols, 21, was shot dead near Bloemfontein.

Cemetery victims of genocide against whites


Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance says that it does not want to deal with extremes from the left or the right.

That 70.000 murders of whites have taken place in South Africa is something she doesn't want to interfere with, she said on Twitter.
And that from the mouth of someone whose ancestors fled the Holocaust and found their salvation in South Africa.

Helen zille

The South African Communist Party, ally to the ANC, proclaims that they will not stop their policies until all white South Africans are as poor as the black population.
Therefore, no white people are hired for a job in government.

Four intruders, including Julius Mapayi Goncalves and Jossias Nhalungo, burned Colleen Engelbrecht with an iron and strangled her with the iron cord.

Her husband Fanie's throat was slit when he came home from church on Mother's Day.

In January, a pregnant woman was shot 3 times in the stomach.

A farmer opened fire on three invaders after his dog was poisoned.

Velaphi Vel-hova Khumalo from the ANC calls for the extinction of whites like "Hitler did to the Jews."

"Whites are like poison and, like Palestinians, they must disappear from our land."

"Whites are to be skinned alive and the remains of their children will be used to fertilize our soil."Khumalo said.

'Black Monday' are called the protest parades held several times a year
South Africa by white South Africans to draw attention to the farmers' murders. 9% of the total population is white:

Ironically, Netflix launched a comedy series with black actors in 2019 called 'Black Monday'.

Prince Harry and his wife toured South Africa last year and they donated millions of development aid money from the British taxpayer to the South African government.
Not a single word was devoted to the farm murders.

Louis Smuts, his wife Belinda and his parents Gert and Paulina were slaughtered on their farm by cowardly barbarians from Modderbult, Mpumalanga.
The life of 18-year-old daughter Cherize is now broken:
Why did they do this ?! My parents and grandfather and grandmother were lovely and good people! ':


Farmer's daughter Belinda's father was also murdered by black ANC supporters.
She filmed the memorial site 'Plaasmoorde' where thousands of white crosses were placed in the ground in the shape of a gigantic cross, fanned out over the South African mountains:


Last Thursday, March 26, a white farmer of 77 was tied up and tortured by three black robbers, two of whom were armed.

His wife was also tied up and burned with a gas burner, and she was also raped with an object. They destroyed the farmhouse and then fled with some money. No arrests have been made.


Source + Gruesome Photos:




IMF approves land expropriation:

Zimbabwe drives out white farmers:

Boer murders:

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