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Massacres of white farmers up 26,8%

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According to statistics from farmers' organization TAU SA 2020 farmers were slaughtered on their farm or yard during farm attacks in 71.

The lockdown in South Africa has the killings of white farmers CANNOT do reduce last year.

There is even talk of an increase of 26,8%!

In the year 2019, 56 farmers and female farmers were tortured and killed. In 2018 54.

TAU SA reported that they collect their data from various direct and indirect sources, which are verified as accurately as possible.

The 71 fatalities in 2020 occurred during a total of 397 farm attacks in South Africa.

44 farmers, 13 female farmers or other immediate family members of the farmer, 9 farm workers and 5 people who happened to be visiting the farmer.

In 2019, 419 yard attacks took place.

The statistics reveal that it is in the province Gauteng 16 plagues occurred during 101 farm attacks.

(1 murder per 6,3 farmattacks)

KwaZulu-Natal faced 15 murders after 33 attacks on farms.

(1 murder per 2,2 attacks)

De Free state mourns 10 farmers tortured to death and must swallow 50 farmyard attacks.

(1 dead jack per 5 attacks)

In the province Mpumalanga 8 farmers died and in 2020 they had to deal with 45 farmattacks.

(1 kill per 5,6 attacks)

Eastern Cape now has 8 fewer white farmers and 19 farm robberies.

(1 killed jack per 2,4 attacks)

56 farms were overpowered Limpopo, in which 7 farmers were killed prematurely.

(1 dead jack per 8 attacks)

Western Cape recorded 22 farm attacks and four pools of blood.

(1 kill per 5,5 attacks)

De Noord Cape held 3 funerals for peasant families hunted to death. Eight farmattacks are officially in the books for that province.

(1 kill per 2,7 attacks)

63 farmattacks and 0 farmmurders in North West.

In a statement at the end of December 2020, the Free State agriculture department expressed great concern about the escalation of farmmurders in their province in the period from April 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020.

Dr Jane Buys, analyst of this department, mentioned the increase in the total number of finished farmers compared to the year 2019.

"In these 8 months, 9 farmers were killed in a few of the 53 attacks in total, between April and November 2020."

'In the same period in 2019, there were six. Six plasma murders after 34 farm attacks. '

'It is important that farmers, their families, friends, acquaintances and farmhands are vigilant at all times! They must reduce their vulnerability as much as possible. '

"They must be part of a common infrastructure of security systems," said agricultural representative in the Free State, Jacobus Stroebel.


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