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Mass framing and fake news around LGBT-free Poland zones

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The whole of Europe is angry with Poland.

At least, they want to create that impression and the intention is that we as a population are also angry. To achieve that, a real twist is given to the real story.

Why? Poland currently has 76 so-called LGBT free zones.

Everywhere, the real intentions of these measures are ignored and their own conclusions are drawn that correspond to their political agenda.

Assuming that the average citizen (unfortunately with a large group) cannot reason further than level 1, the left and the media shout as if human rights are being violated.

D66-euro parliamentarian Sophie in 't Veld:
"It is a violation of human rights and has no place in the European Union. If you want to erase a whole part of a population, there is a word for it. ” (source)

Terry Reintke from the German Greens:
“Imagine growing up in one of these areas as a young gay, lesbian or trans person. You have questions that you would rather not ask your parents, but your teachers are not allowed to talk about them at school.

And then your city council says unanimously that you are going against nature's laws. How would you feel then? Only. Leave. Anxious." (source)

And our Dutch virtues, such as D66, GroenLinks and also the VVD, are of course also strongly opposed to and draw from leather with incorrect assumptions and accusations. (source)

Ultimately, the EU adopted a resolution (of course) against the "Public discrimination" and condemns places like this strictly.

The media

The NOS has selectively interviewed a number of LGBT activists in their December 2019 article about their opinion of the situation. (source)

What is striking is that the interviewees, and the NOS themselves, claim that LGBT is not an ideology. "LGBT is not an ideology, it is people." 

Why then should those people spread their ideas about sexuality and gender insanity fully (and successfully) to education? LGBT has nothing to do with gay rights. Those rights are well organized. These people go much further and want to make their bizarre ideas a standard in education so that it is like normal being seen.

So it is indeed an ideology.

In a broadcast of Radio NPO in December this topic was discussed as if there were "Gay free zones" exist in Poland. They are completely wrong. Poland also stands up for the rights of gays and gay-free zones simply do not exist in Poland.

NPO Radio: Gay-free Zones


NU.NL is also trying to place the LGBT-free zones as if they want to expel gays and lesbians from these 76 zones:

NU.NL framing about LGBT-free zones in Poland

BBC even claims without blinking eyes that gay rights are a threat to society in Poland. (source)

This is a small selection from the media that reports these Polish measures in this way.

For example, the media and politicians are trying to create the impression that Poland has 76 zones that are kept free of lesbians, gays and LGBT people.

Disgusting and very bad. And the European Union is on top of Poland.

Protection of children

What they really want to achieve with these zones is to prevent the imposition of gender ideology through indoctrination in education and indoctrination by other institutions and by the environment.

This concerns Gender IDEOLOGY-free zones. This has nothing to do with the people themselves. (source) (source)

These zones are not intended against people in any way. Gays and lesbians are just as welcome here as in any others areas then. They can sit quietly and wonderfully in a park and spend the day romantically with just the two of them. Anyone who harasses them will be treated in the same way, and punished where necessary, as everyone else is. (source)

LGBT people are also not banned here. It is a measure to protect children. And that is a very good initiative, according to many people. Few people are waiting for their children to follow this crazy ideology and it remains the choice and task of the parents and not the government or schools.

The text is on the stickers "Strefa wolna od LGBT" what translated indeed stands for "LGBT free zones"

The reason for these stickers is the so-called “Karta LGBT” (LGBT Card) (to be found here)
See here page 38 of the document translated from Polish:

"Guidelines for Sexual and Relational Education in Europe."

LGBT Card 'Guidelines for sexual and relational education in Europe'.


This document therefore contains the guidelines for parents and experts to teach children at a certain age.

This must be like "Normal and common" being seen. In addition to these guidelines, it happens in many places in education that attention is paid through workshops and discussions about the LGBT ideology. (source)

And that is what Poland is about!

Poland wants to stop this form of indoctrination. And it's not the only country.

In the Spanish province of Murcia last year VOX submitted a proposal for the so-called Parental Pin(source)

This proposal means that parents can decide for themselves whether their children are present at certain classes where social topics such as sexuality, diversity, gender ideology, equality, climate and other clearly politically colored themes are discussed.

The right-wing conservative PP in Murcia approved the proposal last September and so became Parental Pin a right for parents of children in Murcia.

This right was used eagerly and for those children there was an alternative lesson hour where no political ideologies were discussed such as this gender insanity, climate religion and other left-wing hobbies.

See the entire article here:

School indoctrination is also a problem in Spain



In Sweden, € 160.000 recently set aside so that children could catch up with an Drag Queen for an hour.

See the article about this here.

Drag Queen hour for the kids in Sweden

Amazing to see so much misinformation about a country that it is one of the few countries in Europe to do well. It does what all of Europe should do. And not only in this area:

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