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Massive media framing about "corona dead" influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk

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De Telegraaf and other fake media write manipulating piece about a sad death in Ukraine


Dmitriy Stuzhuk, an influencer about fitness and health in particular, has passed away after testing positive for corona. (Via the PCR test).

At home and abroad, the mainstream media wants you to believe that this man was an influencer and an outspoken "corona denier," as they like to call it.

The reality is he talked about fitness and healthy living. Corona was not his area.

It was his ex-wife who had an opinion on corona in March. Not this man himself.

In March of this year it was Sofia Stuzhuk, then his wife, who posted a post about the corona virus in her Telegram. She then wrote that the virus, in her opinion, was "artificially created in 2015".

“It is undoubtedly not very pleasant. But the danger is downright exaggerated. It's actually not much worse than the regular flu ”, she wrote.

'I am not afraid of the virus', she added.

The media does not mention that. That is consciously spreading fake news. A crime.


Dmitriy was a heart patient. No newspaper or media reporting that.
We have looked at 7 different media from the Ukraine and they all confirm this story. They are the words of those involved themselves. But the media is getting their money's worth. At least ... they think so. The bill comes.


What the media wants to tell you is that an influencer, who completely denied corona, has died of corona. That is the approach. And so alternative media and independent honest researchers are again dismissed as conspiracy thinkers. We are played like that. This is the media's contempt towards you. People go so far as not to Antifa but to people like us “are a threat to democracy”. Purely because you want to put the truth on the table.

All fake media adopted this story.

Framing. Too scandalous for words. It's so bad that the right word to properly describe these people has yet to be invented.

But this game is not going to work anymore. You just don't stop the development of humanity, which is becoming increasingly better informed.

You know when the Fakemedia spreads headlines like this that something is not right. Fortunately, we look a little further.

коронавірусу помер відомий український блогер-силач Дмитро Стужук

Dmitriy Stuzhuk was tested positive by the PCR test. Has now proved worthless. (source)(source) When people realize what that means… But that realization will come soon.

But let's live in the delusion of last week when we thought that the PCR tests had a margin of error of 3% and that the man would indeed have tested positive for (the still not isolated and found) covid virus.

Dmitriy was a heart patient. He had the symptoms of corona. The symptoms of a flu virus. He thought that, after the positive test, he had contracted the corona virus in Turkey.

He got complaints.

October 15, he was hospitalized urgently. He was immediately taken to intensive care and was unconscious.

His ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk said he first fell into a coma and then died clinically, after which his heart stopped.

A case like many. More than 90% die from the consequences of serious underlying conditions. It is extremely vicious for the vulnerable. This man was a vulnerable man, no matter how people talk about his great health. But even if it were not, it is still unnecessary to enlarge. It happens sporadically. A young person also dies sporadically from the flu. Even children.

The reason this is being magnified is purely to present “a covid denier died of covid” to the public.

His ex wife on Instagram:

“Everything is very bad, I cannot say, I am going to the hospital with my father. Dima is now in a very serious condition, in an unconscious state in intensive care. Doctors are not yet making predictions. I spoke to a doctor who is treating Dima, a very good man. I want to immediately stop all rumors circulating around our family. Coronavirus is not dangerous for perfectly healthy people, but Dima had heart problems, so complications occurred. His heart is failing, and Dima has suffered a clinical death, "- said Sofia Stuzhuk on her Instagram pages. (source)

Sad news. It's life.

But the fact that the media does not leave this family alone by writing down these Wild West stories worldwide to manipulate us is just as sad and hurts the family a lot. Everything to convince you that "it really is real!" now that they see that the curtain is about to fall. Once more critics try to silence them.

It's not that platforms like us deny or deny the coronavirus. We look for facts and for the truth. In this way you will learn more about the so-called covid virus. What the media is doing is looking for sensational pieces to blow up the corona hysteria. It is a shame that citizens have to open platforms because “journalists” are not doing their job. Worse ... turning against the population. Stir them up and scare them. Any good news about corona is hushed up, while every journalist should be there when for example, thousands of doctors report that the fork is otherwise in the stem?

Not a single journalist who doesn't pick up on this type of news? YouTube and Facebook censoring this? Ask yourself… Why do they do that?

They never will because they are not journalists. These are heartless political activists.

DIT puts the Telegraph under the relevant article. That too ...

Search worldwide for young people dying from Corona. They cannot be found. So they do it like this.

And although they can be found, it is still sporadic. Just like a perfectly healthy person can die of the flu. It is disdain to the readers and an assault to take your sanity away from you and exchange it for fear and obedience to the most stupid irrational measures imposed on us. It's pure manipulation. They are crimes committed by the fake media over and over again. About the back of a family begging to stop.

Stop reading the media clique that all belong to the same Belgian company. Many interests are involved. Seek the truth yourself and draw your own conclusions. Don't give those guests more room. Boycott them. They are the poison of society.

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World Doctors Alliance: "We will arrange a new trial in Nuremberg."



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