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Maurice the Dog is angry! I am mad at Maurice!

COLUMN: Maurice is angry!

I am angry with Maurice.

He maintains the corona nonsense and assumes that corona is so incredibly dangerous. These types of people are deadly to civilians who see that something is wrong here and seek refuge with these types of people.

Among other things, Maurice is angry because, like everyone who has a different story about corona (measures) than the mainstream media, he is censored and ignored.

However, this is nothing new. But if you told this before, you were a conspiracy thinker. Even if you have experienced it yourself and almost 10 videos have been removed from YouTube, you remain a liar.

Then it is a good thing that Maurice de Hond explained very well how illogical action is taken by the governments that take these bizarre, far-reaching and destructive measures. Not?

Well, the sad thing, and therefore illogical again, is that the same Maurice de Hond said that he did not think it was a “conspiracy” or that there might be a completely different agenda behind it.

That's quite a damper. First you get a logical story about you that shows exactly how irrational almost all world leaders act, and then conclude that there is nothing behind it and that all governments agree mistake.

So virtually all heads of government are mistaken, detonate an economy, tear apart families and friends, hand out thousands of criminally high fines, and allow older people to languish, "out of precaution"while all the numbers, from day one, showed that what we are doing is totally against any relationship. That makes no sense, Maurice. We are talking about billions of negatively changed lives and deaths as a result of the measures.


You have been warned. This whole shitty story of his also applies to the flu.

It seems to me that these figures cannot be justified in any way with what is happening now. Such drastic measures with these figures cannot be defended.

  • 7.786.882.480 World population
  • 5,545,463 corona cases worldwide
  • 2,327,245 corona cases recovered
  • 347,617 deaths from other conditions and suspected corona
  • 90% had at least 1 underlying (serious) condition, but most 3 or more.
  • 10% died directly from Corona.

That is, below the line, about 34.000 people worldwide who DIRECTLY died of corona with an average age of 80 (!) Years. The rest had at least 1 but often several underlying conditions. So if they had cancer and got the virus, the deceased was registered as a corona victim.

And there are many more people who should have opened their mouths on television for a long time and if not through other media channels.

That's why people are angry with a Maurice. Or at Bosma of the PVV or at Baudet, who could have kept the peace by, in any case, leaving the option open that there might be an agenda behind this. That the figures have shown all along the route that things seem to be going well. To radiate positivity and above all… to express what half of your supporters see. They have not. You cannot expect that from Gert-Jan “I follow science” Segers. That man has no opinion of his own. But an intellectual does. And that did not happen. And that has been an underestimate for a substantial part of his supporters.

Let's hope the parties realize that.

Here the video of Maurice at Café Weltschmerz. An interesting conversation where many sensible things are said and where Maurice has a good story.


Seeing proportions in numbers and measuring them against the measures that are taken only needs a certain insight that most people have and it is not higher mathematics.

Almost everyone can. Unless you are in a state of fear. Then it becomes difficult to think rationally. And the Netherlands was in a state of total fear and still is. The numbers are flying through the media, hundreds here, thousands there, but in what context should you see it? That is not told.

And so you start looking. Looking for facts and the history of certain people and institutions because the journalists don't do it.

Just about from day one, we were pretty convinced that something is not quite right here. Maurice must have seen that too. Intellectual politicians too. And governments especially. All policy makers (and the corrupt media) have also been 100% aware of the fatal consequences of these measures on public health and on the economy.

Well, there may be more eyes open with Dutch television-watching people when a person like Maurice talks. Because how blinded people are by the media and politicians has become clear to us. Just because of the e-mails we regularly receive.

“Hey, maybe you were right after all. Look! The newspaper also says that the corona virus seems to disappear just as much as the flu. ”

That is often meant as a compliment, but it makes it intensely sad. Apparently people can only be convinced if it "in the newspaper" is in some column in a regional newspaper. Very good of that columnist of course and people who have reading and common sense will take a look further to see what is going on here.

But independent people who, without interests like the media has, are on top 24 hours a day because they, with a big heart for the Netherlands, want to save people a catastrophe by putting facts on the table and showing them in order to have a rational debate to get going, were and still are successfully censored and dismissed as "Conspiracy thinkers" by the media and politicians.

We are sewn!

And here we are. Worldwide, 35.000 people have DIRECTLY died of corona. A village full. Worldwide! The other 315.000 people had one but usually even 3 or more serious other conditions. Average age above 80. Did you have cancer and corona? Then you are a corona dead. Did you have cancer and got the flu? Then the cause of death was cancer.

Nice! But the economy is broken, the population has trauma and no idea what to expect. And the government is not going to budge. They are going to play this game again for the real interests. Because if the majority of the population were to realize what this government has done to our country and our people ...

Do you actually notice what impact this has had?

But rest assured. Next winter we will again, preferably postpone the elections because suppose there is a coalition that does not implement this agenda… And “The Second Wave”, of course.

There is still a lot of work to be done after decades of media indoctrination.

People sail so easily and easily adopt a trending opinion. You can make them as media left or right. Scared or optimistic. Conservative or get them used to LGBT madness. And now "The new normal!" A new kind of society for which politicians and media will prepare us.


To return to Maurice de Hond. Here's a passage from his May 27 article:

“On April 2, I realized that the big danger was not the lack of masks, but the lack of ventilation and low humidity. And that as a result, many elderly people would be unnecessarily infected and would die.

I tried to get that information published in newspapers. The response I received was that they had submitted that information to virologists, but there was no evidence for my conclusions. I tried to join Op1 with that information and it took over 2 weeks before I was allowed to come. However, because my findings were not shared by the usual suspects of the OMT, I was subsequently dismissed as an amateur virologist in TV critics (one of the 17 million) who had to go back to his Ikea desk.

Behind the scenes I sent emails to quite a few politicians warning them of the disaster that was unfolding. But even if they shared my concerns, the mantra was that according to RIVM (and the other virologists, who appeared on TV daily) aerosols did not play a role. If you only kept a minimum distance of 1,5 meters, then you were safe. ”

No shit, Sherlock. You only now find out?

And there is nothing behind this?  Maurice? Follow the crumbs from RIVM to the WHO and the cesspool behind it. Search, gather facts, put them down and we are already a lot further. You, and many others, should have sounded the alarm long ago.

Unless you have your own agenda ...

Read here the article Maurice wrote on May 27




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