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Measure with two sizes!

Measuring with two measures is a very recognizable phenomenon in today's society, our politics are very adept at this, because if racist statements are made during a football match, then of course our Lower House will be on its hind legs, but as soon as the necessary incidents occur within our society, then most of our politics do not give home!

Of course it is ridiculous that in 2019 people are still being judged and convicted for their skin color, because under the skin we are all human and we hardly differ from each other, one has a little more pigment on the surface than the other, many people like to sunbathe to get a tan, but when you have a more or less tinted skin due to your origin , that is a reason for some to make a distinction and to insult others or even to attack them.

This phenomenon has existed as long as humanity is old, it contributes to nothing and is even extremely reprehensible, but as I have said many times before, the medal has two sides, if politics wishes to identify itself with society, it must have both facets, our own culture may have to be the starting point, but it must never be forgotten.

For example, I hear from mainly leftist circles that the native Dutch population is so racist, now I will not deny that there are no people among this population group who have racist ideas, but in general the Dutch population is reasonably tolerant.

This is in stark contrast to how much of our Dutch policy thinks about the Dutch population and that sets the precedent for political correctness!

Within this political correctness, you cannot therefore state what the problems are with other target groups within our society and it is precisely this that causes our society to derail for years now, that certain incidents grow into enormous excesses, because we as citizens are not allowed to say anything about this and the judiciary should just pick up everything with velvet gloves.

In other words, Dutch politicians are responsible for ensuring that our nest is so polluted here, if you forbid the self-cleaning effect of a society, then all sorts of excesses will naturally arise that are at least very undesirable, in particular the Green Left and the PvdA contribute to a very intolerant society, which the Netherlands actually never was.

Machiel de Graaf of the PVV states in this YouTube link behind exactly what I mean by this:

TPO images

Our society starts to derail considerably, because the tricky things may not be named, if groups of Moroccan youth attack Dutch youth, then it must be named by name and by name, then action must be taken against this, or should this soon go so far out of hand that fatal casualties fall?

The FvD rightly wants to pay attention to this, but apparently it is not interesting for other parties to stand up for its own indigenous population and the noses in Rutte III are after all mainly focused on Brussels, so the population can do it all themselves find out again.

So this is clearly another typical case of globalist thinking, which is why my political preference only knows nationalist parties!

Now I don't want to focus entirely on Moroccans, because there are other groups within our society that are experiencing the necessary nuisance, but our current Prime Minister does not want us to have a Moroccan problem, where Geert Wilders has a very clear point.

By this he is not referring to people who, just like you and me, want to make the best of this society, but to the fact that our society is damaging our society in all kinds of areas.

By constantly looking away, the atmosphere becomes increasingly grim within our society, partly caused by a parallel society that is highly undesirable, a dual nationality that offers absolutely no added value for our society and the tolerance of this situation always leads to extreme excesses, which are very difficult to suppress later on.

As soon as a lawyer is murdered or a mayor is threatened, our policy is on its back legs, but when it comes to the common population, the problems are allowed to pile up toweringly, until we can no longer speak of an incident, which then calls itself representatives of the people, but I think many readers have found a different name for this, it It is high time that the necessary so-called MPs were sent home and replaced by people who wanted to do something for us!

People who only sit here for themselves or for Brussels / Strasbourg do not have a single nut, they do not solve the problems those who play within our society are not capable of Dutch politics, you would rather lose them than get rich!

Chris Collard.

PS if we do not correct young people who are at risk of derailing at a very young age, we will later get the extremely bitter fruits of it, the problem with the necessary derailed youngsters of Moroccan origin in particular starts with the parents and a prime minister who denies this!

Editorial team:
This video illustrates how political correctness makes any discussion impossible. If a problem cannot be named, it cannot be solved either. 

It is typical that this video was immediately removed from Youtube:



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