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BOMBSHELL! German media director asks the people for FORGIVENESS

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Julian Reichelt

BILD asks your forgiveness

For his contributions to spreading lies about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that led to mass lockdowns, mask mandates and psychological and physical torture by power-hungry government officials, German news channel Bild has issued a formal apology.

The director Julian Reichelt did it himself.

The newspaper posted a video, you can watch it below, that specifically targets the youth of Germany, who arguably suffered the most from all tyranny.

This is the video. It was already translated into English but I made some adjustments because I don't think it was translated quite right.

Now I'm just a coal German. If someone sees something important that needs to be translated because it is important for the context, it's best to email us (with COW LETTERS in the subject. We get 4o mails a day and try, but can't answer everything.


To download? Just log in/register and the download link will appear.


Also posted on Rumble just to be sure. Some phones (especially certain iPhone models) may not display our videos properly.

Bild says it made a mistake in supporting the authoritarianism of the Chinese virus, which has completely destroyed society.

“To the millions of children in this country for whom our society is responsible, I want to express here what neither our government nor our chancellor dare say: we ask you to forgive us.”the newspaper now says.

“Forgive us for this policy that has left you victims of violence, neglect, isolation and loneliness for a year and a half.”

Bild went on to express regret for ever covering the government's fake news about the Fauci flu, which the paper says is "poison" was, which made people feel that they “were a mortal danger to society”.

“You are not a danger to society”, says Bild now. “Don't believe this lie. It's up to us to protect you. Many people and Bild have denounced what happened to our children.”

“Nothing happened. Merkel organizing a summit for children? New! Instead, we convinced our children that they would kill their grandmother if they dared to be what they are: children. Or if they have met their friends. None of this has been scientifically proven.”

The medical fascists abused innocent children and used them as pawns to force more tyranny

Because children are unable to fight back and often do not even know they are being lied to by adults or authorities they have learned to trust, many were forced into masks or told to take a vaccine to prevent them from getting sick. they spread disease.

This destroyed the sanity of countless children, and many are now traumatized, possibly for life, because of Fauci's lies.

“It was easy to force that on the kids,” says Picture. “They can't defend themselves and they don't vote. When a state steals a child's rights, it must prove that it protects him from concrete and imminent danger. This evidence has never been provided.”

Just about everything that has been spread like wildfire around the Wuhan flu over the past year has been government-organized propaganda. And to this day, that propaganda continues to be spread and turns out to be the true virus.

“It has been replaced by propaganda that presents the child as a vector of the pandemic”Bild says of the government's lies, which come in the name of "science."

“Those who wanted to contradict this propaganda were never invited to the expert table. Our policy would be better to open schools and gymnasiums rather than polling stations, otherwise they will be on their conscience and go down in the history books as those who left behind a multitude of innocent souls.”

These are strong statements from Bild, and we commend the newspaper for the courage to speak out. It is unlikely that you will find similar humility in others fake news channels, who have chosen to spread their planned lies.

The latest media hoax basically means that the “unvaccinated” blamed for the sudden “rise” in new cases of the so-called “delta variant”, which the regime says will kill everyone unless there is full agreement with taking a vaccine.


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