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Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Medicine CENSORS HUNDREDS OF MEDICALS

This is YOUR government!

After this article, the KNMG has ALL comments mainly from doctors, experts by experience and medical personnel under their own campaign call. A very royal action of the Royal Netherlands Society for the Promotion of Medicine and the government.

Where all the comments used to be, the censorship KNMG now states:
“The KNMG has closed the comments below this message. All previous comments are read. If you are a doctor and if you want to respond to this article, mail to "

Here the article and at the bottom a number of comments of which we have made a screenshot. These Royals censored everything the day after our article:

We asked the KNMG for a response and what they want to explain to all those people who have gone to great lengths to post their story / opinion in detail.

Fortunately, we have posted a number of comments here. There were 11 pages full of highly critical comments on their campaign and the government's corona policy. What an enormous disdain and disdain towards the doctors and citizens. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!!

We have asked for a response but we have not received an answer.

Yesterday's article:


And unfortunately the gullible citizens who are in every way misled by disinformation and manipulation of the same government and their extension: the media.

That this is the case became clear again this week after the failed #thisishealthcare campaign.

This needs to become very clear now and we hope that doctors and medical staff who are so critical will now really gather and COME OUT to brush these ridiculously sick government measures off the table. They are devastating and they can play a vital role in stopping this.

If this does not happen, critics of this policy will at some point be dismissed and treated as terrorists.


A (poster) campaign with a hashtag would be started last Monday #thisishealthcare.

This campaign was organized by the Royal Netherlands Society for the Promotion of Medicine

The day before, this hashtag became hijacked by almost all critics AGAINST this absurd corona policy.

And with success.

The media was of course disgraced, but the selective fake media is not critical, does not investigate and will never listen to the criticism of people in the workplaces themselves, so we can ignore that.

The campaign was designed to encourage doctors to make people obey and comply with the corona measures and the lockdown. Doctors, medical staff and experts were expected to support this campaign with prepackaged instructions and (fear) posters in order to influence people's behavior.

But that turned out differently than expected ...

A week later we look back again and look at the KNMG website and especially at the reactions. It is becoming increasingly clear that politicians and the media live in a parallel society that has nothing to do with reality anymore.

The reactions of citizens, general practitioners, medical personnel and other experts and experts leave nothing to be desired.

Below the article are 11 pages full of comments and except for a few neutral or slightly positive responses, the message is very clear:


This is the text of the KNMG that was to usher in the poster campaign:

Starting today, seven different faces will look you straight in the eye. Doctors, nurses and other Dutch people tell you what they contribute to getting this pandemic under control. With the campaign #ditismijnzorg, the KNMG Medical Federation is calling on the Dutch population to observe the precautionary measures and to show that they can help carers and support other healthcare professionals.

René Héman, chairman of the KNMG explains the campaign: “The pressure on healthcare, on doctors and nurses, is extremely high, just like in the first wave. Most care providers have barely recovered from that initial period and are already under great pressure. During the first wave, the Dutch population really dragged us through. People adhered to the measures very closely and actively showed their support for care. I know that the vast majority of the Dutch support the measures and the care. Yet we feel that support for healthcare providers less now. Moreover, we also see a small group that behaves aggressively and intimidating. That has an impact on doctors and nurses. ”

“With this poster campaign we ask everyone to stand behind the people in healthcare,” says Héman. “You help us the most if you stick to the precautions. Then we can continue to provide regular care as much as possible. We also ask people to make their support visible. ”

Everyone in the Netherlands can contribute. First of all, by adhering to the precautions: keep your distance, limit travel and contacts, work at home, wash your hands and wear a face mask in public spaces. In addition, the KNMG calls on the Dutch to actively promote this support. Via the website everyone can make their own poster and hang it in the window, or share it on social media.

Diversity in faces
The #ditismijnzorg campaign kicks off today with a national bus stop campaign featuring seven different people. Among them are doctors, nurses, as well as others. The campaign made use of real people who explain what their concern is. But at the same time they also ask all of us: "And you?"

Posters of this kind under the article were examples that medical personnel in the Netherlands should use for this campaign. We estimate that none of them have been administered.


So a fear campaign. Mouth masks, five feet away. Lockdown. The whole of medical Netherlands was expected to participate in the #thisishealthcare campaign. A disdain for every rational person and medical practitioner.

See the responses for yourself here (edit: KNMG has censored all doctors, medical staff, experts and citizens today by removing all comments. This is your government!

We will post some of the responses here. Almost all responses come down to the same thing:

Doctors, Medical Staff and Experts: Please come out together. This must be stopped.

Do you also join the World Doctors Alliance?


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