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Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed with the dangerous blackmailing Turkish dictator Erdogan to give more money to Turkey, "meant for the migrants."

After the video conference between Macron, Merkel, Erdogan and Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel reported there 125.000.000 (125 million) euros to Turkey is going to the "Support migrants". (source)

25 million for an undisclosed purpose and 100 million for "Humanitarian assistance" to the migrants. (source)(source)

And then it is good. Because Erdogan's goal was of course to help the migrants with this blackmail and not for Turkish interests. 🙁

Merkel added that it is open to providing more help if needed.

Friends for life


The European Union has maneuvered itself into an impossible situation.

Government is foresight, so we make a deal with Dictator Erdogan. Now the EU (and the population) is reaping the benefits. A financial and humanitarian disaster that will haunt the EU for a long time to come.

Erdogan has abused the migrants, the EU will never rebel against migrants because of their dream of globalism and the dictator is leading 2-0. It seems an illusion that this money goes to the migrants.

It seems that this will never end as a new wave of migrants from Syria has flooded Turkey as a result of the military attacks and Russian bombing raids in the Idlib region. (source)


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