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Migrant Crisis 2.0 - Greece is losing control of migrants

Last weekend, more than 1.350 migrants arrived on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

This is bad news for Greece because the asylum seekers' centers on the Greek islands are already overcrowded and the crime of migrants can no longer be controlled. 

According to the Greek Coast Guard, 658 were picked up between Friday and Monday, while another 730 managed to reach the coast on one of the islands, not far from Turkey. Courrier International reports this (source)

This is just an extra influx of one weekend while the Greek coasts are overwhelmed daily by refugees.

At the moment there are already 90.000 (!) Migrants housed in about 50 camps in the interior itself.

The situation on the islands has become so bad because of the increasing violence and crime that the authorities have begun to let 20.000 migrants from the islands inland to receive them there.

The arrival of these, even once, 20.000 migrants put bad blood among the people of Greece.

A group that self  "United Macedonia" , organized a barbeque with beer, wine and pork just before the camps where the migrants are housed. This is due to the fact that most are Muslims and cause a wave of crime, rape and dangerous situations in Greece.

You see that picture throughout Europe. You help migrants and as a thank you they steal your cities, rape your women and create life-threatening situations towards the helpers. In their eyes pigs and unbelievers.

And yet our Western leaders must continue. Bringing in huge groups for which it is unquestionably clear that a percentage of them are going to rob, rape and rob your citizens is hard to talk.

When the day of the patriots comes, all these leaders will hopefully appear in court and be locked up for a long time. There is no excuse for knowingly and willingly exposing your own people to the proven great dangers of this useless mass immigration.

In 2019, 22.000 migrants entered Greece. The highest number since the refugee crisis in 2015. So here too the figures are going up again.

The Greek government, which is not helped by the EU in any way, ask the EU to provide sanctions to the (halved) countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. These consistently do not allow any migrants to enter.

If we all did that once, we would get rid of the problem quickly.

Source: Immigration crisis Voice of Europe




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