Migrant cuts French throat for refusing cigarettes

A Frenchman was beaten to death with a metal pipe by an asylum seeker whom he had taken home.

Jean Dussine, 63, director of the pro-migrant organization Iténerance, was murdered at his home in Bretteville-en-Saire by the 21-year-old Afghan migrant.

The Afghan is in custody and charged with first-degree murder.

The motive for his act is not yet known.

Jean Dussine has worked for the migrant aid organization since 2016 and has often visited migrants.

It was a bloody month in May for France, where 120 stabbing incidents occur every day anyway.

In Toulouse this week, four homeless people were turned upside down by a Sudanese migrant.

The migrant wanted to cycle cigarettes from two homeless ladies, but they refused to give him their butts.

A quarrel ensued in which homeless men came to the rescue.

After several punches, the migrant pulled out his knife and stabbed the men in their abdomen and carotid artery.

Also in May, a 92-year-old lady was raped by a Congolese elderly caregiver in the Korian les Arcades nursing home in Paris.

A colleague caught him last Sunday, with his genitals out of his pants, in the room of a half-naked elderly woman.

The colleague started to scream with shock and the Congolese tried to flee, but with his pants on his ankles he did not get far.

The old lady, in complete shock, had to be treated by doctors for her injuries.

This story followed the day after the brutal rape of a nurse in Italy.

The pregnant nurse was standing at a bus stop in Naples, where she was raped for 45 minutes by an illegal worker from Senegal in broad daylight.

“My husband is also devastated,” says Francesca. "He feels guilty and helpless that he wasn't there to protect me."

Police use DRONES to find Italians who go to the beach illegally.

WHY don't they use the drones to track down these illegal immigrants? ”

The Italian nurse said.

Photo of a sectioned carotid artery,8873017.php

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