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Migrant uprising crushed after quarantine refusal

Last Friday, the corona virus was diagnosed in an asylum seekers' center in Suhl, the German state of Thuringia.

The residents - about 500 people - were then quarantined. Since then it has been very restless, reports

The police are continuously present to force migrants to comply with quarantine measures:

Some asylum seekers sounded the fire alarm for no reason, others tried to climb over the fence or barricaded the dining room for the other residents. The asylum seekers placed children in front to keep the police at a distance - something we also recently saw happening on the Greek-Turkish border.

A tweet about this:

The spokesman for the German police said in a press conference that some 'refugees' also showed an IS flag during the disturbances. The troublemakers are said to be mainly young men from Maghreb and Georgia.

In the meantime, peace has returned, for the time being, due to a massive presence of the security forces and water cannon. 17 asylum seekers were moved to another institution. The fire brigade is also present because it is feared that dissatisfied migrants will set the asylum seekers center on fire themselves.


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