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Migrants attack border police with firebombs and tear gas from Turkey

While the European Union is very busy not to act, the situation on the Greek border is getting worse.

The fight has intensified since yesterday. The migrants attack the Greek border guards and civilians with burning Molotiv cocktails. Massively! A border fence is completely burned down. (source)

The situation has nothing to do with refugees. In our previous article you could already read that only 4% actually comes from Syria.

When you talk about refugees in Greece, you can count on fierce criticism and angry faces. Which refugee violently attack a country they want to flee to? The Greeks know and see that these are mainly aggressive fortune seekers. Young men. Healthy and strong.

The press does try but it can no longer be hidden. These are brutal attacks by barbarians who are at our borders to sow death and destruction. It is a war situation and the EU's inaction is a gross shame.

Virtually all Greek local media reports that the migrant attacks are supported by the Turkish armed forces that have provided them with incendiary bombs and tear gas. (source)

Attempts were also made to enter the EU via the Evron River. We can all say thank you to Bulgaria who opened their dams to let the water rise. It also makes it impossible for migrants to enter the EU via the river.

The globalist Ursula von der Leyen would go to Greece today but: She canceled it because of the Coronavirus!

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