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Migrants Greek border are NO REFUGEES and NO SYRIANS

Greece reports that those who entered Greece or were caught in their attempt are from everywhere EXCEPT from Syria. 

Only 4% of migrants arrested in Greece for attempting to cross the border through Turkey are Syrians.

The rest comes from various countries from North Africa and the Middle East such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iran, Iraq and even Egypt and Ethiopia. (source) (source)

These measurements are from March 5. Several migrants have now been arrested and again the majority are not from Syria. As soon as we have those figures officially, we will publish them.  (source)


But whether or not they come from Syria, these are the people who would like to enter Europe by force. 

Our continent is under attack by tens of thousands, and perhaps millions, of aggressive fortune seekers who are using violence to cross the border and are expressing death threats to the West.

"I want you dead!"

says this, apparently underage, migrant in the video below in the Tweet, while making a gesture to cut throats. Fortunately, this boy is welcome to Angela Merkel if he is a minor.

And they are there and watching it there in Brussels.

If all countries had been sovereign, this problem would probably have been solved long ago. Or had it never even happened ...

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