Migrants horde at Greek-Turkish border disappeared

A month ago, Erdogan decided to release millions of migrants on the Greek borders in hopes of blackmailing Europe.

Now that has partly succeeded. Aunt Angela Merkel gave “just” 125 million euros to Erdogan to “assist the migrants”.

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

But no refugee, as far as we know, has broken through the Greek border. They bravely stood firm. The Greek border was under strict surveillance. And so also the EU border.

Now Turkey is taking the migrants away from the border with vans after the Turkish authorities burned down the illegal tent camp of the illegal immigrants.

The evacuation would only take place because of the risk of Corona spreading among the migrants.

Despite the fact that it is now quiet, the Greeks remain vigilant and the border surveillance remains sharp.


No illegal migrants on the Greek-Turkish border.

Turkey removes migrants from border because of Corona.

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