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Migrants are raping 14-year-old girl in Germany

The German authorities have revealed the nationalities of 3 people who were arrested earlier this week for group rape of a 14-year-old German girl.

Earlier this week, the German authorities refused to release the nationalities of the perpetrators. It would "non relevant" have been.

Now they come out with it anyway. Probably pressure has been put, but here too they tried to wipe it under the carpet again.

The cowardly rapists come out, it will surprise you, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran and are respectively 15, 16 and 26 years old. (source)

Another life of a girl and her family ruined by Angela Merkel, who brings these people into Germany actively and thousands at a time. 

The police initially arrested 5 migrants. 2 have been released again. They are 14 and 24 years old and were present at the rape. At the moment they are just walking around freely in the streets of Ulm.

On that particular evening the girl had met one of the suspects during Halloween. She agreed to go with him.

Once they arrived at the migrant's house, the boys and men raped her.

After a toxicological test it appears that the rapists have given the girl various drugs. Probably so less able to defend themselves.

In a statement the mayor had Gunter Czisch the guts to say the following:

“What is a 14-year-old girl doing on the street so late? It is the parents' task that girls don't just walk down the street at night. ”

The mayor received a lot of criticism because of this statement.

A few days later he corrected his decision.

“Of course it is not the girl's fault. The blame lies solely with the perpetrators. ”






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