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Paris: Migrants burn off station and attack fire brigade

African migrants, mainly from Congo, set the train station 'Gare de Lyon' in Paris on fire because they disagreed with the performance of a Congolese singer called Fally Ipupa in Paris.

Waste containers, scooters and bicycles were the first to go up in flames.

The rushed fire department was then stopped by the migrants, so that the firefighters could not extinguish the fire.

The fire spread to the station.

It was feared that the old bell tower from 1900 and the historic restaurant 'Train Bleu' would be swallowed up by the fire.

The police speak of a shame on Twitter that the Africans hindered the Parisian firefighters and that despite an official ban on demonstration they went on to demonstrate at the station against Fally Ipupa because he would have ties with the corrupt government of Congo.

Tweet Paris police + video images

54 migrants were arrested and 30 were fined for illegal demonstrations.

The station was closed yesterday after all travelers in and around the area had been evacuated. The ME came on site to try to restore order.

The migrants fought with the firefighters, after the Africans had summoned each other via social media.

African migrants from London, Brussels and Vienna also rioted in Paris and appeared to have been informed in advance of this 'clash'.


Black clouds of smoke over Paris:

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