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Migration: Trump repels benefit recipients

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Until last Monday, an immigrant could only be rejected if his income was lower than 125% of the poverty line.

But since this week it is a lot stricter and many more factors are being looked at. These include age, health, language skills, credit score (do you have debts?), Insurance and whether you have received benefits in the past.

Under the new rules, two thirds of the immigrants who did come to the US between 2012-2016 would now not be eligible for citizenship.

Under the new rules, the number of family associations will decrease next year by 47% compared to 2016 and the total legal immigration by 30%.

In addition, Trump wants to increase the number of countries on the Travel Ban list to 13, mainly African and Middle Eastern countries, which will therefore be excluded from immigration to the US.

Limiting the number of migrants will lead to more shortages on the labor market, which will further increase the negotiating position of employees and wages.


Immigration is decreasing:

Impact of policy on immigration and the labor market


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