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Erdogan: “Millions of migrants are pouring into Europe. I'm not stopping them! ”

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today that his government has no intention of stopping the migrants heading for Europe.

The Turkish leader gave a speech for the state television of Turkey.

“Since we opened the borders, hundreds of thousands of migrants are already on their way to Western Europe. Soon there will be millions! ” (source)

Erdogan: "After we opened the doors, many called for us to close our borders again." 

European leaders thought that it would only be a threat from Erdogan and that he would soon close the borders again. ANOTHER miss of the arrogant European Union.

This is the answer to this: “I said: It's over now. Ready! Now you can take care of your part of the problem! ”

Süleyman Soylu, Interior Minister said that 100.577 migrants have now left Turkey.

Now they are standing in front of the Greek gates and the country resists HIGHLY against the migrants. Government, farmers and citizens together do everything in their power to keep these violent people out.

The Greek borders are LITERALLY attacked. 

"These migrants are all young healthy men, ready to fight!" 

Where is the European Union to support the Member State? What will the Netherlands do with the borders? Again just wait and see like with the Corona virus?

Are those Greeks still being supported? They are now the gate of Europe and also defend our freedom.

Hopeful Tweet from migrants: “The dogs can no longer see us. Burn them. Allahu Akbar! ”

But what does the IOM (International Organization for Migration) do? Play down. The figures would be exaggerated. According to them there would be only 13.000 migrants are standing at the Greek borders.

The Greek authorities are not that naive and are ready to the expected 150.000 migrants to stop. It is reported that people are very well aware of the situation and have sources that have undisputed evidence. (source)

9.600 attempts to cross the border have already been prevented. Once again Greece warns: "These migrants are all young healthy men, ready to fight!" 

Citizens participate in stopping and driving away migrants:

More Greece:

BRAVO! Greek farmers and citizens are going to STOP migrants!

Greeks set fire to migration center

Extreme left-wing journalist is beating Lesbos

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