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Mind control by the government

It is now clear to people with common sense that the government's urge to vaccinate is not intended to improve the health of the people. Its purpose is still unclear. One hypothesis is that the vaccine contains a substance, called graphene oxide, with which the people checked could be. This hypothesis comes in addition to existing explanations such as a revenue model for big pharma, control over people via vaccination passports or reduction of the world population.

A search on google scholar “graphene oxide brain function” returns 39.000 hits. Enough reason to believe that graphene oxide may play a role in brain function.

Governments have always been looking for ways to control the masses. Coercion and violence are the old-fashioned methods, mental manipulation techniques are the methods of the present time.

In the Second World War it turned out that it was possible to convince the Germans that all Jews were untermenschen. Hitler and Goebbels mastered the propaganda techniques so well that they were able to inject a lot of hatred with them, and the consequences are well known. Germans, not bad people at heart, proved able through the propaganda to discriminate against innocent people, drive them out of the country and those who could not escape, even die in concentration camps. The statement "Wir haben es nicht gewußt." may well be true for many Germans in the sense that they were genuinely conscious of no harm.

The CIA has done extensive research into controlling the human mind, for example with the MK-ULTRA project. This was the code name for a series of 162 experiments looking for techniques to control people. One of the researchers involved was Donald Ewen Cameron, renowned president of the World Psychiatric Association. Subjects were consciously or unconsciously subjected to combinations of conversational techniques, chemical agents, and torture. The results of the experiments are not publicly known, or at least not easy to find. It did not go well for all test subjects. Test subjects include Robert Hunter (the lyricist of the Grateful Dead), James “Withey” Bulger (the infamous Boston mobster), and probably Ted Kaczynski (“The Unabomber”) as well.

Hypnosis is a form of mind control, this technique has been less in the news in recent decades despite the special possibilities. Hypnosis is especially liked by people with a manipulative nature.

A trivial question: from which politician does the following text about hypnosis belong?

I once saw a hypnotist at work in our school auditorium. That interested me. I was going to try it myself. First on a sister of mine. That went wrong, not that she has permanent damage experienced, but the doctor still had to come, she kept shaking. The second time, with a sister-in-law, it went a lot better and a week later out of ten fell people I hypnotized on a birthday put six of them to sleep. That spreads quickly in a small town. I was asked if I wanted to give full-length performances. I earned twenty-five guilders per performance. What were you supposed to do for that money? I held it in the funny atmosphere. For example, I suggested to them that they had lost their nose. Than they went to search for their own noses and the hall lay flat. It's simple, it seems more mysterious than it is. It's a myth that with a hypnotic look you just could put someone to sleep during a conversation or a debate. That is only possible with someone you've hypnotized before. If I have girlfriends I already have hypnotized at a party, then walked out on the hockey field and I said, Sleep! —then indeed they would stand still in the field. The most spectacular thing I did was to make someone completely stiff under hypnosis. Have you ever tried to hang out with you head on one chair and your heels on another? Well, I'll give you the guarantee that you will sag, but under hypnosis you can. That's what I did to people the stage, and if they rested on two chairs like that, I would stand on top of them. You can do that under hypnosis. But they liked it a little creepy. The school doctor immediately banned it when he saw it. Which marked the end of my shows. Too bad, because that twenty-five guilders was a lot money for a student in those days.

This text is from Ed Nipels. Nijpels played an important role in the climate tables, which stipulated that CO2 emissions from industry must be reduced to zero by 2050. With this madness, the Netherlands will inevitably be led to beggars. It is not inconceivable that Nijpels used his manipulation techniques to force his way through to those present at these tables.

The somewhat hipper name for hypnosis is Neurolinguistic programming. This is a practical application invented by Milton Erickson to influence people through language. His big idea was: vagueness is power!

The more detailed and information-packed your descriptions are, the more likely something conflicts with the client's frame of reference. Therefore, things left out are distorted and generalized.

The use of language in NLP is essential to send a group of people a certain way of thinking. Writers of texts benefit greatly from knowing how they can produce different effects with different language choices. They can then determine, for example, which words they can best use to arouse more emotions and which words are clinical and neutral. They also know when to be vague to warm up the audience to the concrete message that really matters.

This technique of vague formulation is a technique that Mark Rutte masters to perfection and of which his copywriters in the background are also very aware.

Studies, such as the Milgram experiment, show that the effect of a message is stronger the more the speaker is seen as an authority. People who are raised to have faith in government and authorities are therefore extra sensitive to NLP techniques.

All Mark Rutte press conferences can be found on the internet. If you analyze these texts, you can see that they are characterized by all the techniques of NLP. Numbers and serious topics such as numbers of hospital admissions, the usefulness of the lockdown, the IFR and treatment methods are carefully avoided. Rutte always remains foggy, uses many metaphors that evoke emotions, simulates empathy, occasionally generously withdraws a measure and gives people plenty of space to give their own free interpretation to the fear.

RUTTE March 12, 2020, press conference.

The ministerial committee on crisis management today considered a new advice from the Outbreak Management Team, the OMT.

First of all, we have seen in recent days that the press care in a number of hospitals in Brabant and in particular the pressure builds in the intensive care units of hospitals. And I would also like to remind you that the WHO also very recently said: this is a pandemic.

The consequence of this is, since not all patients are admitted, we now also suspect that there are more cases in Brabant below the radar they still lead, by the top of the pyramid, to inclusion and either that we have multiple introductions that means possibly the spread further than we could at least assume on the basis of the present cases.

So I appeal to you to understand that, knowing that we understand the concerns, but right now this really the wisest measure is to keep our schools, for primary education, for secondary education and MBO, open. Because every measures to contain the virus has effects in other areas of course: any action has its price. For example, look at the news now from the United States, a decision we regret to no longer allow flights to Europe. And that is why I want to make that broader point again here. In our country, we opt for an approach in which we naturally base ourselves on the expert advice, not that we take over blindly, as is sometimes thought or that we don't like it at all. But the advice of experts is important because this is a highly specialized problem and you have to be careful that not a lawyer or a historian ultimately make all the decisions there, but that we as administrators of course challenge, ask questions, have a great debate with each other discuss 'is this the right package', but ultimately it is very crucial that the basis of those measures expert advice stand. And it also applies that in the Netherlands we have a have an opaque system: from general practitioners, from GGDs, from hospitals, but also from virologists who work in the highly regarded in the world. And may I also say here that in that corner of our general practitioners, the GGDs, but of course also everyone else involved, the hospitals and the virologists, that there fantastic work is performed and that some people there literally almost working day and night to be. A very important goal of this phased approach is to peak in the number of infections to prevent, for example, that our hospitals at any time overloaded would become. Of course we want to prevent that. At the same time, the reality is that no one in the world can say exactly what the right approach is. What exactly is the right size. And that also applies to the measures we discussed today, during this day and on which we have just taken decisions in the ministerial committee. The fact is that in a crisis like this you 50% of the knowledge 100% of the decisions and must therefore bear the consequences thereof. That's the phase we're in right now, so we're sitting on the ball as much as possible, to do what is necessary, certainly not too little. You also try to avoid doing too much, but we have to be on top of it to contain this virus and I repeat what I also said on Monday: we need everyone, 17 million people, we have to fight that fight together as a country and together to win. The effect is greatest if everyone sticks to what we decided today.

Anyone who can commit to going through all press conferences will see that they continue to comply with all the laws of NLP where the goal is to create fear and avoid reassurance.

However, once you see how it works, and this only happens when you realize it, the NLP effect disappears. In fact, most are sickened by the deception and awareness of the underlying evil.

Whoever leafs through the history books will see that there were few periods in which the rulers wanted the best for the people. Oppression and abuse of power is more the rule than the exception and is apparently ingrained in the nature of power seekers. It is therefore very conceivable that the current rulers, the people who manage Rutte, want to strengthen their control options. I therefore consider the possibility that the vaccines contain a substance that makes people more sensitive to mind control far-fetched, but not impossible. However, it is not rocket science to confirm or disprove that the vaccines contain graphene oxide using separation techniques and analysis techniques. It is therefore expected that this will become clearer in the short term and that it will be known whether the injections contain more junk than just the mRNA.


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