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Is Miquel Ekkelenkamp a psychopath?

Is Miquel Ekkelenkamp a psychopath?

We need to talk about Miquel Ekkelenkamp, ​​microbiologist and editor at Medisch Contact, a magazine for doctors. Miquel took the place of Bert Keizer in this magazine in October 2020. Keizer was a sympathetic, erudite man with a sense of language and in everything the opposite of his successor Miquel.

Miquel is a multi-talented person; he is a doctor, writer and promising mass murderer. He is used by the magazine to discredit agents that work against Corona and could have saved lives.

In November 2020, he wrongly dismissed the Hydroxychloroquine drug as ineffective. He further writes that it The most dangerous side effect is prolongation of the QTc interval, with the risk of a variety of cardiological distress, including death. He writes about a proponent of the remedy: Raoult published a ramshackle open-label study.

Miquel forgets to mention that the remedy has been used against malaria and rheumatism for a very long time. He also speaks disrespectfully about D. Raoult, a brilliant and widely acclaimed man who has won many awards and after whom even a bacterium is named: Raoultella.

The worst thing is that it was already known in November that there were studies that showed great efficacy of the drug Hydroxychloroquine. All countries that used the drug have a significantly lower mortality rate. 1)

In the January 2021 edition, he is again doing his utmost to get the drug Ivermectin in the news as negatively as possible. However, this agent has even better results than hydroxychloroquine. In his article, Miquel only mentions the studies that show defects or were poorly designed. He forgets to mention studies that have shown a positive effect. 2) This is also called cherry picking. The drug is at least promising and Miquel is writing it off in advance. Why?

Between nose and lips, he also makes a sneaky attempt to give critics such as Maurice de Hond and Wybren van Haga a stab under the water. He writes the following:

Armed with a light Maurice-de-Hond complex, they lead us on the path of experimental covid therapies. FvD Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga, slumlord cum covid expert, also thinks ivermectin is a good idea and has asked parliamentary questions about it.

What is striking is that he tries to ridicule the few people who dare to ask intelligent, critical questions. However, he does not do this on content, but by framing them in a suggestive way.

There are now strong suspicions that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to blacken active substances through corruption of medical magazines. The less these drugs are used, the more people will die. This increases the motivation for vaccines, which the pharmaceutical industry can earn more from. This was quite clear from the fraudulent publication in The Lancet about Hydroxychloroquine, an article they were shamedly forced to withdraw. There is no hard evidence that Miquel took money from the pharmaceutical industry to achieve the same effect in the Netherlands.

Most doctors who delve a little more into the literature don't care much about Miquel's suggestive bits. However, many a physician who does not have the time to thoroughly review the literature may be affected. This may make them reluctant to prescribe Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. The number of deaths from Corona could have been halved using these drugs. Many funeral directors therefore have a poster of Miquel on the wall out of respect, because he was very good for the turnover. Should a bacterium ever be named after Miguel, I suggest the name Gluiperi Linkmiqueli.

With the above article an attempt has been made to sketch a balanced opinion on Miquel Ekkelenkamp, ​​in the same honest manner as Miquel formulated his opinion on the antiviral drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectine.



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