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Bad cakes and sweet rolls

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It's an interesting time we live in, I can't repeat it often enough.

I am regularly struck dumb by strange “news” and today is another such day. The topics I want to talk about are unfortunately not as nutritious as the title suggests, but can leave a nasty aftertaste. You as a reader have therefore been warned.

Let me start with the sweet bread part. An absolute must is broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland, abbreviated broadcaster ON!. Arnold Karskens is in any case a breath of fresh air in the journalistic system and together with his broadcaster he regularly brings very entertaining programs including the news program “On! and friends".

This morning I watched episode 11 and apart from the fact that the episode is very entertaining from A to Z, the next fragment stood out.

For everyone who likes to stick stickers or for "mouth lying" collectors (collectors of disappointing faces can already rub their hands) because for all of the above, the VVD has now launched its own sticker album! None other than Mark Rutte himself is proud to promote his latest sticky buns ehhh sticker albums. Jottum, the very politically minded Netherlands was waiting for this, and perhaps the rest of the country too!

Now in a euphoric mood, we remain in the all-Holland bakes category, only in this case it is not about sweet-smelling treats. In this case, it's about misfires. The misfires of the NOS news that is. Well, I can imagine that you as a reader may find my wording a bit coarse and perhaps a bit mean, but let me tell you how I came to my conclusion.

Although I am not immediately the first to flag on King's Day and I am certainly not a loyal viewer of blue-blood and I am usually not that involved with the monarchs at all, there is a characteristic of our head of state that I can appreciate. Namely the fact that our king can be so wonderfully enthusiastic with sports and especially during football.

Now last Sunday I found the Majesty's reaction to the third goal very nice and infectious (this in contrast to his wife, at least that's how Maxima's look made it appear). A similar enthusiastic king was also featured in the NOS news from 17:00 this afternoon and I also found him to be very sympathetic and I would prefer to see him in this capacity.

But to my great dismay I seem to have a different opinion than journalism because what has completely escaped me as an inattentive citizen is the fact that our king has actually turned out to be a very bad role model! Yes! The NOS was crystal clear about this, and even our outgoing funny Prime Minister Rutte had to be summoned to save the situation that had arisen!

Boy, I could also kick myself for not noticing the violations of the 1,5 meter measure, but thanks to the attentive journalists of the NOS I have now also seen that the king even shook hands?!? I am still shocked……

Without further boring you with endless sarcasm, I would like to conclude my explanation of the chosen term “misfire”. Because I found it sickening how the king was put on display here by the NOS. I'd say watch the clip and judge for yourself, misfires or not?



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