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Mississippi announces removal of coronavirus restrictions

Mississippi Governor Announces Removal of Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves in June 2020

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on Tuesday announced the lifting of some coronavirus-related restrictions in his state, including most mask mandates.

“As of tomorrow, we will lift all our mandates for mandatory mask wearing and companies will be able to operate at full force without state-imposed rules”, tweeted  Reeves. “Our hospital admissions and the number of cases have fallen sharply, and the vaccine is spreading quickly. It's time!"

The Associated Press reported that most of the state's counties were under a mask mandate. An executive order due to go into effect Wednesday evening still imposes some restrictions, such as mask requirements regarding schools and capacity limits in some cases, such as in indoor arenas.

Another GOP governor, Greg Abbott from Texas,  announced  Tuesday that the Lone Star State will soon be released from a mask mandate and that all companies can open with a 100% capacity. Abbott's lifting of the rules is effective March 10.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also announced the impending lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions in his state.

Green states are relieved of the mask obligation.


Judge's acquittal after refusing to mask: Contrary to the constitution!


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