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Order for the mobilization of French citizens. Revolution?

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Massive protests in France against the Pass Sanitaire, the “health pass”, continue.

Today, more than 250 demonstrations are reported to be held across France. (source)

Certain media are citing “the far right” and “anti-Semitism”. The reality is that left and right, rainbow flags and Le Pen supporters realize they are fighting the same enemy, although the media will pick out a few nice clips to frame the image of the demonstrations, if it is broadcast at all. In Nieuwsuur we will in any case hear nothing or hardly anything. Because suppose it is in the Netherlands…

The French government reacts nonchalantly by stating "whether 100.000 or 300.000, as long as there is respect for the police," said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.  (source) (source)

But either they don't get it or it's the arrogance of power, because it seems that something more is going on in France than just a few demonstrations. In any case, it is no longer kept secret and openly blacklists are made of persons responsible for the betrayal of their country.

Mobilization Order

The fact that so many demonstrations are being held throughout the country is of course unique, but there are open calls for a civil revolt. In other words, a popular resistance, a revolution. The duty of the citizens.

This letter orders “general mobilization” to overthrow the government. It was sent to various media and unions.

Would it really happen?

We know that there are always exciting stories going around that we actually know in advance will not work. But we also know how the French can be and it is in this that the greatest crime against humanity is being carried out right now. Shamelessly and psychologically so well put together that gullible citizens fully participate in the corona fairytale and surrender completely without resistance to the life-threatening experiment of the government.

But a lot of French people are fed up and they let you know that.

The call for mobilization has not been personally signed by anyone, but it is stamped with two logos of the army.

The protesters will be supported by the army, writes (source)

The letter is a General Order of Mobilization and a Call to Revolution.

The three-page letter describes the "strategy" of a “popular revolution”, which will be preceded by a three-day general strike and will officially begin on September 4 at 8 am .

Target: Overthrow the government.

By going from all over France to the prefectures and places of power in Paris, the government must be overthrown. At 9.00:XNUMX a.m., the nation will leave as one man to take the places of power.

The authors are unknown. The letter is signed by “simple french citizens” en “Armee de Terre”. In other words: The French Army.


On the French Wikipedia it is written that the role of the Armee de Terre is to protect the population (especially the national population), the territory, the vital interests of the country and ensure the observance of alliances, treaties and international agreements .Help the population and provide assistance on or outside the national territory, protect airports and other public places from terrorism. Normalize the situation between the parties in conflict through the deployment of reconstruction capacities and assistance to the population. (source)

Twitter account Armée de Terre 

Authors' claims Bevel

The authors claim that 50.000 copies of the letter were sent, a figure that is also impossible to verify. Libération received the message well though, so explains the Viennese editors of de la Nouvelle Republique , who explains it in an article . The newspaper West France also confirmed to the independent CheckNews that they had received the mail in at least four local newsrooms.

Farmers and truck drivers would be deployed to block the law enforcement officers.

Response Ministry of the Armed Forces

The Ministry denies that the letter was also signed by the military, calling it "fraudulent use", probably referring to military stamps.

"Intelligence services are investigating this case, but there is no evidence that this leaflet was actually co-signed by officers of the French army."

No complaint has been filed at the moment because the ministry does not want to take this “very seriously”.

Number of protesters grows every week

According to this chart. published by France24, the Interior Ministry estimated that there were 214.845 demonstrators on the ground last Saturday.

The militant collective Le Nombre Jaune, which publishes a count per city, had in turn counted 388.843 participants. Nice that you can count that.

The striped areas are the number of protesters in Paris. Last week the number of protesters would have been slightly less than the week before but today it will be an all-time record if there are actually demonstrations in 250 places.



Some pictures from today

The first is Paris.


This photo has undoubtedly been edited, but such a revolution should look like this?


We are very curious about what will happen. And if one country goes… What do you think?

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