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Monopoly of Violence

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A monopoly means supremacy. The Dutch government has usurped the monopoly on the use of force.

That could be a good idea in theory. The police and military may use force if necessary to protect us civilians.

But it is no longer like that. The government is using its monopoly of violence to turn against us peaceful citizens! Who could have ever thought this?

We have seen governments use brutal violence against their own population in dictatorial regimes, but no one could have ever imagined that this could be done in the year 2020/2021 in the Netherlands (and, to a lesser extent, also in Germany and England and Belgium and France and Spain). are going to happen.


Make war !!

Yep, that's what they do. This is a world war. World War III is not a war of countries against each other. World War III is a war of regimes against the populations.

The team from CommonSenseTV and many other real news sites and action groups with us, write our articles based on research and common sense opinion or organize demonstrations. Always with the idea that we should be able to fight, overcome and end this idiocy of measures and these violent acts with arguments and common sense and with peaceful gatherings.

But it seems more and more that it will not work that way. When we are dealing with a regime that calls on its police (and perhaps soon its army) to use maximum violence against people gathered together peacefully, and repeat that over and over again, we cannot leave that unanswered in the end.


I dreamed about this last night.

In my dream I was invited to give advice to the people on how to arm and defend ourselves. In my dream I have put my mind to how we can stop these terrorist attacks.

I didn't have the answers either, but in my dream an ex-commando officer appeared.

And he told me the following:


We cannot solve this without a war. A war between civilians and a terrorist organization that calls itself government. If we don't stop this, they will continue to use unlimited violence. In doing so, they will completely ignore constitutions and jurisprudence.

Believe me, only a tough confrontation remains as the only way out for the liberation of the Netherlands.

They have more resources, in principle they have access to all resources. But we have volume. We are so much more.

And we have to be smart. I have experience in guerrilla warfare. We have few resources at our disposal that we can use to fight the terrorists. Therefore, we can only win by acting strategically.

A simple trick is to scatter crow's feet on the access roads that the enemy uses with their vehicles. But that only works once or twice and will not be enough. I think that in future demonstrations we should prepare ourselves with shovels, trucks, tractors (preferably with front loaders) and other heavy equipment, which are hidden near the battlefield and immediately drive onto the field when the enemy begins to strike. This strategic position is important. It shouldn't be too many, but also not too few vehicles. In any case, it must be a surprise attack from us. The trucks will mainly focus on the aggressors with horses and dogs. The shovels and tractors can be used to topple the water cannon and the vans with romeo terrorists can also be attacked with them.

The ground forces, posing as protesters, must arm themselves with knives and with Molotof cocktails. Also a very effective weapon is a centimeter thick steel cable of about a meter in length, with a handle attached to it. You can make that from a piece of garden hose or simply with duct tape. Fold in half 15 inches from the end and wrap with tape and you have a perfect handle. And the funny thing is that you can just wear that steel cable around your pants, as if it were a belt. Does not stand out at all and is quickly ready for use. Kitchen knives are also sufficient, but they are more visible to the enemy, especially if they have sufficient length.

Aggressors should be stabbed in the back, throat or neck with a pointed kitchen knife and hit with the steel cables if we can't get to the back. There must also be a line of ground soldiers who can bombard the terrorists with Molot or cocktails. Both their vehicles and the groups of terrorists.


It is of the utmost importance that we are many. There are a few hundred. We are thousands. At least 3 or 4 freedom fighters are needed per aggressor to prevent them from reaching for their firearms. Attack each aggressor on 4 sides and immediately take shields and weapons. The aggressors will encircle us, so we also need a large group of ground troops to be at a greater distance and then to surround the aggressors and attack from behind with Molotof cocktails and stones. Don't flinch. The best defense is attack.

There will be casualties, but let's make sure that it is mainly on the side of the enemy. The enemy who wants to destroy our country. Our freedom wants to destroy. Want to destroy our lives. Our future wants to destroy.

Do they deserve better than to die? No I do not think so.

It is of the utmost importance that the group of freedom fighters is large enough, trains itself and persists. Withdrawal is not an option because then the terrorists will use their resources mercilessly. That cannot and must not happen. That's why we need to be with as many fighters as possible. Preferably 10 thousand, even better 100 thousand.

Unfortunately, this tactic only works a few times. They will prepare better and better. But we have another attack strategy. About that later.

Perhaps they will enlist the military. But I suspect that the army will not allow itself to be hired so quickly. In the military, the intelligence level is significantly higher than that of that bunch of ME terrorists. And I dare to doubt whether they will turn against their own people. If that does happen, the battle will end in this way, because then the force majeure is too great. But we are not finished yet. We will then apply the ETA and IRA tactics. Aimed at police stations, town halls and residences of aggressors.

Communication is also very important. I can't say much about that at the moment because the enemy is reading along. But there are solutions for that.


That's how the ex-lieutenant colonel of the army commandos spoke in my dream.

And then I woke up because of a noise, because a message came in on my phone:


What's it called again?

A state where citizens are not protected by the constitution?

In which you should be afraid and careful with your opinion? In which someone who is different is considered crazy?

A state where when you are told to jump you ask "how high?" instead of "why?"

A state of brutal violence against innocent, concerned people?

In which you literally have to run for your life if you just want to be heard?

A state in which your fellow man says so easily “it is your own fault, should you just listen?

A state in which you are not even allowed to defend yourself with the word?

A state in which only one sound can be heard and all other sounds are nipped in the bud by censorship and violence?

A state in which you are guilty, even if proven otherwise?

Tip: it starts with a D, but the 2nd letter is not E.

I've seen a lot in the past year, but never as bad as yesterday.

I am angry.

I am sad.

I am outraged.

My heart is crying ..


Text written by Els Vis van Heemst but my heart also cries… ..

#whyyou limit

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