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Mordechai Krispijn after the ruling on Waku Waku 30 Sep 2021

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Reaction of Mordechai Krispijn via Facebook after the disappointing court decision regarding restaurant Waku Waku in Utrecht. notification of the video only came after 23pm, so the call is no longer relevant. Be for the rest. So on October 1, 2021, there will be summary proceedings about the right to demonstrate and there will also be a ruling on the Joop-BNNVARA case.



Lots of truths and totally agree we should do it together, STRONGER TOGETHER.

Will this lovingly be conquered? Don't think so.

By the way, I love citing the example of Venezuela, but I would rather have heard some examples of where it IS LOVINGLY DONE AND SUCCESSFUL.

Neighbors beat each other up at overhanging branches, processes are conducted first because one feels themselves to be higher in hierarchy than the other. The time to first fight to "love each other" and then with flowers and music to repel a dictatorial regime, a regime that undertones People, including children, without justification, will never, or in the best case, be pay less attention to demonstrations, protests, etc. Let alone change the policy (plan).


rutte and his lackeys.



Lest we forget. – “lest we forget”



Spread the freedom!

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