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Crazy fact-free delusions

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Rutte en de Jonge: Stop it now and limit the damage! You are going to be caught and bleeding!

Mark Rutte, you are ultimately responsible. De Jonge is a tyrant pur sang.

You are lucky that, despite everything, we Dutch are good people. Decent people. You have abused us. Turn it back what can still be turned back. Otherwise you will never be able to live a normal life again.

Stop it and at least let the Netherlands remain the Netherlands and leave us alone!

Body language

They don't look anymore. If you look closely at Rutte and de Jonge, you can read a lot from it.

Rutte seems to realize what he has done and that in more and more countries (where the media is not yet talking about) things are turning.

Maybe a mistake ... maybe they just keep going ... They will pay the bill.

In Portugal, judges call the lockdowns, corona measures and quarantine "illegal detention by the government." 


Judges: PCR unreliable. Lockdown and quarantine is “illegal detention”


Hugo de Jonge. Just put down a heartless schoolteacher with a lot of interests in the pharmaceutical industry. Then he will. Without Borders. And in order to disable a possible conscience, it almost seems that there are remedies that he is trying. How that man changed appearance.

"Crazy fact-free delusions"

A video that says a lot:


Rutte rolled into the EU machine. While he was somewhat refreshing for the Netherlands in 2010, he has changed and become the same tyrant as Sánchez, Merkel, Macron and all other globalist leaders, Democrats, Bigtechs and bad people in the background.

They beat each other out of the tent. Rutte scolds de Jonge and shouts after him: "Crazy fact-free delusions."

And that's right. People putting on a face mask that is scientifically proven not to work, but can cause a lot of damage, will be mandatory in the Netherlands on 1 December. All based on PCR tests that are 100% ON reliable.

The sad reality is that half of the Netherlands is just doing it. They trust these people.


They also keep an eye on the US. And they too know that what the media portrays about the situation there is anything but true.

Everything is against the Democrats and the fraud is global that the media cannot escape and probably also leaders from the EU. But we will see that.

And then the vaccines… A vaccine against a virus that has not even been isolated yet. We are running out of hands to uncover all the facts.

We came across this interesting piece on NineForNews:

The corona vaccine of Pfizer brought the major media in jubilant mood last week. The vaccine would protect 95 percent. The European Commission is about to order 200 million doses from Pfizer. The pharmaceutical company will request permission to market the drug in the United States in the coming days.

The media did not say that a vaccine that protects against symptoms of Covid-19 could contribute to the spread of the disease if people who have been vaccinated are able to transmit the virus. writes Bloomberg.

People who have received the corona vaccine can unknowingly transmit the disease to the weak. The vaccinees may no longer need to wear masks and keep their distance because they are no longer at risk. But they can still carry the coronavirus, even if they don't get sick. Bloomberg: "It's possible that people who are vaccinated can make many others sick."



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