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Motive is there, Now the Murder still

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Isn't it great, that pressure in Amsterdam against the corona / vaccination measures? Or the normal course of business in Zandvoort, people who go out for a day or weekend or visit an event?

It almost seems like the old normal¨.

Massaal protest tegen coronaregels in Amsterdam - De Standaard Mobile

Above, enjoying the sun during a protest, great isn't it?

Or an F1 event in Zandvoort. Beautiful !

No people berating ME, police or crisis actors like ¨the romeo´s¨, great! but suspicious.

It is of course not fair to the concert and festival visitors who saw all their events cancelled, but how else do you create divisions among the people outside the division that already exists between injected and unsprayed.

And given the period of the year in which we are now, there it is again, that R in the month ¨allowing¨ these kinds of events is of course a huge + and possibility or as klaus s would say ¨a great opportunity¨ to to raise the corona infection rate significantly again through the number of unreliable PCR tests.

And there may be consequences to this, the mandatory mouth mask wear will be tightened again, the curfew will again be a reason to be introduced, as far as possible more pressure on the unvaccinated to get that duty introduced through the back door, etc, etc.


But hey, I may be going too far and time will tell,

But remember, a good criminal has his motive in order before committing the murder.

Stay strong !

The worst is yet to come……


Blackmail, bribery, rewards, threats, ruse and deceit


Spread the freedom!

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