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Motorcycle agent uses force and pepper spray on boy who refuses to wear MOUTH CAP

Two Belgian city guards spoke Saturday evening a boy in one skatepark in Roeselare, because he did not wear a mask.

A discussion arose between the city guard and the boy, called Trax.

The conversation threatened to escalate, which is why the Belgian BOA called in the police.

A motorcycle cop came to the scene almost immediately and repeatedly asked Trax for his passport.

Trax declined to cooperate, calling the officer a fascist, to which motorcycle agent pushed Trax.

Since Trax did not cooperate to get his ID card out, the policeman sprayed pepper spray on the boy's face, punched him and immobilized him to the ground with the familiar knee bump.

Pepper spray is also sprayed on the ground. Seconds later, an anonymous police vehicle arrives. The young man is taken handcuffed to it supervisory board. There he may rinse his eyes and leave again. The events at the skate park provoked indignant reactions from the young people present.

The whole event was filmed and immediately thrown on social media, where supporters and opponents scold each other.

Chief of Police Curd Neirynck already announced that they will investigate the case.

"If it turns out that the policeman has crossed the line, measures will be taken against him," said the police chief.

In a past life, someone would have resigned for this, but there is reportedly one decree by Minister de Crem of July 24, which allows the police to use force to enforce the mouth mask obligation.

Video footage:

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