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MOUTH CAP not necessary, MANDATORY

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mouth masks are not necessary, but they are still mandatory in certain countries.

The Robert Koch Institute reports that the mouth caps protect bystanders from spit splashes from the wearer.

The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) does not advocate the mask, but rather a scarf or cloth.

The Czech Republic was the first country in Europe to place masks on March 18 in supermarkets, pharmacies and public transport.

Slovakia followed on March 25.

President Zuzana Čaputová tried to set a trend by wearing a red face mask during her presidential blessing to match her dress.

Bosnia and Herzegovina imitated Slovakia on March 29.

On April 6, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz introduced the fines for anyone who does not wear a mouth mask outdoors.

Morocco imposed a fine of 1300 dorham (€ 120) or a three-month prison sentence for every Moroccan who ventures outside in North Africa without a mask.

The Turk Erdoğan promised and obliged all Turks the same day a free mouth mask. Shopping without a cap is punished.

Since 16 April, a mouth mask must be worn on Polish beaches and in parks. This can also be a homemade one or a scarf.

This also applies to squares, places of worship, markets, public roads and shopping centers.

A curfew applies in Jamaica and face masks are mandatory under a law that came into effect on April 21.

Since April 16, you have been a criminal offender in all 22 states of Germany if you do not wear a mask in shops or public transport.


Zuzana Saputova:


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