MSM and the (fake) news

MSM and the (fake) news

Just a few reactions to messages from a random newspaper, this time the AD!

For the sake of unnecessary inconvenience, I have conveniently left the coverage of the US election campaign for what it is not.

1 - “Considerably fewer diagnoses of breast and colon cancer”. That's right, because if you don't have corona, you don't matter, you don't count. In the meantime, the media shamelessly continues to count the corona deaths (including those who were terminal and possessed a trace of Covid-19, as well as untested tests that are nevertheless reported as positive), while every year in the fall flu outbreaks always start at 0.

2 - “Corona infections and hospital admissions continue to decline”. Then it makes sense to drastically expand the previous measures. Funny detail: The Germans, known as very disciplined and law-abiding, have to deal with a bigger outbreak in the second wave than we here in the Netherlands, where many people are critical, think and rightly question.

3 - "VVD no longer wants to cut back and cut back again." Where in the article can you read that these are empty talk for the stage? Where does political chief Hans van Soest write in this fake piece that this election blabla can be added to a bulging closet full of false promises ever since. This also applies to all party promises, but especially to the VVD.

4 - For just a few tens 'officially' corona free. ” Bad practices indeed. But where in this article is mentioned the miraculous healing of various footballers all over Europe? In the Netherlands, after a test, which would show that they were positive, several godsons of an Amsterdam-listed football company could suddenly be judged divinely negative after a retest, just before an important European Cup meeting?

5 - "Google shows: Twente is the worst boy in the class." Sounds tough and several uncritical people will embrace these kinds of messages. After all, if you are in line, you have nothing to fear, do you? But where in this post is a serious effort made to portray George Orwell's 1984 doom images a la Big Brother? The 'beauty' of Googel is blood-link, invasion of privacy is expanded and unlimited possibilities for companies and governments are created to monitor and control the people. The NRC reports the same day that the Rotterdam region is in the lead. We are apparently being watched without being asked, but then also incorrectly. Where can I find that in the AD? And where in the other MSM?

6 - "Unions angry: ASML too quickly setting up its own collective labor agreement." What seems? ASLM has only started talks with the union De Unie. Coincidentally, the union that previously was the only union in the Netherlands to remove the means of coercion from the statutes. But that is not mentioned in this article. However, the other three unions were unable to attend on the day of the meeting with De Unie. How transparent, what a clumsy twist in the reporting. Where is the truth content?

7 - “Dealing in false evidence 'corona free'” Subtitle above: Names of doctors abused. Very bad of course. But where does it say that the tests are not good at all, that many doctors and scientists indicate that there is no evidence that these tests are not reliable, even at the GGD. Where the article states that even the 'inventor' of this test explicitly distances himself from the use of these deeply inserted rods and indicates that they should not be used for this. Who is worse in offense then? The swindler or our dear government, firmly on the leash of the RIVM and the OMT?

When people take a critical look at what the MSM is saying, they are often called conspiracy thinkers. And that is a compliment, a nickname, because then it is widely recognized that those people at least think, in contrast to all who slavishly follow the government and the MSM.

Rients Hofstra

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