Multiple terror attacks today in Christenhatend France

After the French Christian hatred this morning, turning the head of an elderly lady cut off in a church, brought to Europe by a Muslim man by Zionists, another Soros hitman tried with a knife in the southern French city this afternoon. Avignon to attack police officers.

He was on the spot shot.

The attacks follow the bitch fight between Erdogan and Macron.

After the murder of the Jewish teacher Samuel Paty, who is the required considered deliberately insulting Muslims by showing a Mohammed cartoon character to a class full of children, President Macron encouraged showing ridiculous drawings of the Muslims heilige Prophet to under it mom of freedom of speech.

Turkish leader Recep Erdogan responded with the words:

"Macron isn't quite right in his head."

Also the Egyptian Sisi said from his throne in Cairo to it on purpose the grievances of one and a half billion people come at a price.

Samuel Paty had to pay for his joke with his artistic leader, and through his fault, a Christian Frenchwoman is now no longer under us.

Belgian politicians, however, unite eight Macron:

'It must be possible to insult Muslims. Respect for fundamental values ​​and human rights is a cornerstone of European society. Freedom of expression is central to this and we do not give an millimeter to that. '

Meanwhile, the 'insult' of Jews is strict forbidden. A true witch hunt is opened on everyone who equivalent his opinion about the chosen people just like that be allowed to express.

Here is the British politician Jeremy Corbyn have a say in the matter.

The 'Equality and Human Rights Commisionfrom the United Kingdom today brought her long-awaited rapport out about the many complaints of anti-Semitism in the inner workings of Labor.

The Commision judges that the party has several provisions of the law heeft violated.

For example, it was found that the then Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn used his political influence to help himself.unlawful'to be concerned with 23 complaints about the 'anti-Semitism'within the party.

The most serious conviction concerns two acts of "outright intimidation" of people who use complained about so-called hatred of Jews within Labor.

The committee is talking about 'one culture who, at best, didn't do enough to promote anti-Semitism avoid and which, at worst, even seemed to accept'.

Jeremy Corbyn has already said he has the text of the report CANNOT accepts.

The current chairman of the party, Keir Starmer, sees it differently. He talks about a 'day of disgrace'for his party and has his APOLOGIES offered to the Jewish Community.

Labor today suspended Jeremy Corbyn from the party for stepping on the toes of Jews.

Labor has up to 10 december was given the time to work out an action plan against the alleged hatred of Jews within the party. If she doesn't, the party can go to court convicted Service.

So much for our report on freedom of expression in the EU.


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