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Must see! British citizens take over public building

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Know your rights and the crisis is over

Most people have no idea how much power they actually have.

It is why politicians are terrified of united and informed citizens.

The description of this video reads: “Your politicians don't listen to you. You must immediately take back your parliaments and arrest every politician in your country.”

It is also mentioned that protesting is fine but does not help. They, the politicians and the Devilish people in the background, happily go about destroying our lives for their own wet globalist dream of enslaving humanity and controlling every aspect of life.

This video needs no introduction. You just have to see and share it. The images speak for themselves.

This video is (surprisingly) hard to find on Google. Grab (for example) Yahoo and this video will instantly pop up several times. We have tried to subtitle it as best as possible.

An example

The people you see in this video seem to know exactly what their rights are as citizens. These people explain in a very respectful way to the police what their rights are and where the police themselves are in violation.

They also explain in great detail that their politicians have betrayed their country and their citizens and call on the police that they know this themselves.

They point out to the police that it is important to be on their side. On the side of the people and that the moment they want to arrest these people, outside their area, they are in violation themselves.

At the end of the video you will hear people say that they do use aggression on the street and if necessary smash things to pieces.

Of course, to politically correct people, that sounds “outrageous”. But those are the people who don't realize what is being done to them. These are the people who allow themselves to be “beaten” a hundred times and still do not return anything.

The citizens in this video will do everything they can to regain their freedoms through legal means. But if that is still not heeded, when it is their right and the government commits a crime, what else can you do?

Civil Disobedience is an important element in a democracy.

You bet that the British are able to take over the government building. Some say only 5.000 men are needed. (source)

This building could very well become the next building to be acquired in Britain. Source:–Get-off-your-arses-7


If you ask someone the question: “Are you against violence on principle?” Then I think most will answer that directly with: Yes.

Me too, a year ago.

But what if the government takes away your fundamental rights, humiliates you, wants to lock you up and also tries to take control of your body? While, except for the uninformed, it is unequivocally clear that they are violating your fundamental rights? That the government is lying to you beyond any doubt? All right, we can go through the whole list again. We know what is being done to us and that is unforgivable and must stop.

What if there really is no other solution? 

Am I still against violence in principle? New.

Probably not last year either, but I never thought about it that way at the time. But actually there is nothing strange about not always being against violence.

You don't get beat up 10x before doing something back. It must be the very last resort, of defense. But that's my opinion. You cannot do otherwise, unless you let your freedom and your life be taken away without resistance. But then you'd be crazy.

The horrible WOKE people, who are also on the police force and who are sent by the government as useful idiots, will be scandalized by this kind of statement when it can be a very reasonable point of discussion.

But the most hypocritical thing is that the same WOKE figures themselves do use violence. See how Joe Biden won the election in America. Look at what groups like BLM have done there. See what the Democrats are up to to cheat for power. The other side didn't. Then you are lost in advance. And all the violence and all the killings and the burning of police stations was completely ignored by the media and by politicians. Not a single word about that. Those who have followed it know exactly how it went there and still goes. (source)

Most of us, I have the impression, the people who fight for freedom are exemplary citizens in that regard. But one day it will stop… Yet I stand for a peaceful solution above all else.

We are not aggressive people. We don't want any problems. We want everyone to be left alone and be able to make their own choices. Our life back. We do not have to explain to authorities such as the AIVD, the media or politicians why. Why this is a big lie. They know it very well themselves. And they also know very well that this is a large group of peaceful citizens who want back the freedom they deserve and to which they are entitled. You don't pass those people off as wrong. Then you yourself are very wrong.

If there are still people out there with a heart, stand up and help put an end to this. Can we be the model country again? We are the Netherlands! We have achieved so much, we are not going to let that take us away.

The video talks about Magna Carta (Great Charter of Freedoms).

Here you can find more information about Magna Carta:

Thanks to biznardian.




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