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For those who think that is a coincidence, well coincidence does not exist, with a nice word we call them mouth masks, but actually they are just muzzles, meant to silence us. Because whether they are of any use against the Aerosols that cause Covid-19 is not clear. In fact; even Hugo de Jonge openly admits that its usefulness against this virus cannot be derived from anything, so it is no different as a false security, not to be confused with hypocrisy for which such a crook mask is used!

In fact, it is extremely bad for our health, because this backward government forces us to set up these ridiculous things, but does not even realize that the majority of the population carelessly puts these bitches in the pocket of the coat, only to then kill them countless times. which can cause the necessary harmful germs to settle in it and that could be much more harmful than not carrying these things. But this cabinet does not want the best for us at all, it only serves to silence us!

Deliberately I show a dog muzzle here, because this cabinet does not treat us as humans, but as dogs, they command us and to this day we still let it happen to us to be treated like a dog, because almost everyone goes along with this madness and we still do it to ourselves to obey these imbeciles in the orders and commands they give us, we still fall in the panic they and the media are sowing and like a flock of sheep we are driven to the abyss !

I would not even like to call these people wolves, who are still content with one victim and who cry, no Rutte III cabinet consists of hyenas, who want to destroy everything and, just like hyenas, laugh about it. It is the largest scum of white-collar criminals known in history. Now I am not someone who fully believes in conspiracy theories, but all those people who sit in this cabinet and all the opposition that still supports it, talk with a split tongue and all have satanistic traits!

Why I dare to be so sure can be seen in the last video of Lange Frans. No theories here, but facts. Robert van de Luitgaarden tells facts here and if they come to light widely, then you know exactly who Mark Rutte and his colleagues are, then you also understand why Mark Rutte and his disgusting club want to silence us: https: / /
But this disgusting cabinet goes much further than smashing peace demonstrations, silencing us and enslaving us for the EU!

What Geert Wilders did not want to succeed, because he had learned from the situations within the LPF and made his party resistant to takeover practices by globalism through his concept, the FvD made one very big mistake, Thierry Baudet who is founder and spiritual father , could never have imagined that with the candidate list for the elections, he had opened the door to people with completely different intentions, people who wanted to turn Forum for Democracy into a globalist party, people who wanted a right-wing party alongside the VVD.

This makes it clear at a glance that it was not the text messages from JFvD youths that were the evil why some of the candidate members and some of the board mutinied. Had we still lived in the Middle Ages, I would have without hesitation put the torch at the stake, on which a Nicki Pouw-Verwey and a snake like Eva Vlaardingerbroek would have stood, because what they helped out into the world is simply impossible to describe. They are the witches of the present tense, super false and soulless towards the members!

Henk Bleker simply made a very clear analysis of who Thierry Baudet really is. It is understandable that he does not know who he is going to vote for, but he is very clear about what is really going on. It was therefore enormously enjoyable how the globalist fake right-wing WNL was brought to order, because Rick Niemann probably had a completely different scenario in mind!
So here it becomes very clear what potential we are dealing with and why I therefore despise people like an Eerdmans!

The objective may be clear; an FvD without Thierry Baudet is equal to an LPF without Fortuyn. The Hague does not want any new policy at all, no cleaning up of the judiciary, civil servants, politicians or the police, no end to censorship and honest media that correctly informs us, that stands for the population. These bastards want the lie to rule and Rutte and his associates are that lie, the EU is a big lie and that is why they want to expose Thierry Baudet and expel him, this is really disgusting for words!

The government that is now against Thierry Baudet and prevents him in his freedom, prevents democracy. Those people deserve to be hanged from the highest tree, if they do not immediately stop this nonsense and step back, because of course they can even ensure that Baudet stays out of the room in 2021. But then I hope that some members will indulge in revenge and sometimes revenge is very sweet, I will piss on their graves and leave a lot of shit on them if necessary, because I hate people who want to withhold so many real people from their opinion!

This is about the opinion of the FvD members, not about backward power games within a political party. There is something very different going on here than what people would have you believe, that Olaf Ephraim as an Fvd candidate is still behind Thierry Baudet says something!

How can such a party still be anti-Semitic, think about this thoroughly; Olaf is on the FvD candidate list!
The VVD now has transfer weeks, do not stink in this, help that party to the abyss, where they wanted to take us!

Chris Collard!

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