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My condolences in advance

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Imagine having 100.000 euros in the bank. That is not the case for most people. But suppose that gives a feeling of wealth.

Imagine having 1.000.000 euros. Then we can no longer talk about a feeling, but really about wealth.

And just imagine owning 10.000.000…. Then you can still realize all your dreams and live a pleasant life.

But there are a number of people on this earth who do not own 100.000 and not 1.000.000 and not 10.000.000 euros, but or a multiple thereof. A thousand million, or one billion.

Money does not buy happiness, they say. But as Maup Caranza once put it very cynically but aptly:

I'd rather cry in a Rolls Royce than an ugly duck ..

But these kinds of amounts are from the last century and you don't even count them anymore.

Today's rich don't have 1 billion, they have a few hundred billion. The rockefellers, the gates, the sorosen, the bloombergs, zuckerberg and, more secretly, the schwab and fauci families are such people.

You would think that these kinds of people, who are extremely rich and can afford anything imaginable, that these kinds of people should be happy after all.

But nothing is less true.

These people are very unhappy.

Why, you may ask….

Because you are there. Because I'm there.

You and I pollute the air, the ground and the sea. You and I consume the earthly treasures and they don't want that. They want everything for themselves. They don't want the rabble. They want to enjoy themselves without us. They want to leave a clean world to their offspring. And they don't need us for that. We are only in the way of that.

They have the money and the power to sideline you and me. And out of play simply means:

Disable, eliminate.


The beautiful glossy reports that the rockefellers, the who, the un, the world bank and the wef of Klaus present to you, showing their concern for the well-being of you and me and of the whole world, are in reality only ' window dressing '. Nice talk to fool you. All these reports elaborate on the fight against poverty and inequality. But it doesn't take a lot of effort (at least for those who don't just get informed by nos and to see and understand that what they are doing right now is the exact opposite of what is claimed in the reports and promised.

Well, fighting inequality, there is still something to be said for that, they really want to do something about it. They have a strategy for solving the inequality: Everyone who owns something, a house, a car, a piece of land or whatever, must be taken away. Nobody is allowed to own anything anymore.

No bullshit, everyone poor.

They understand that by equality.

Orwell has put it nicely: “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”. The aforementioned families and a handful of others will be slightly more equal than the rest, owning everything and ruling the world.

In addition, it is necessary for a large part of the mob to get out. And with a good vaccination strategy, for which the majority of them will queue up, they will achieve that. I'm not making it up, bill gates has proclaimed it several times.

Those reports, those interviews, those statements, that's all strategy. That is the slow heating of the pan with frogs in the water.

Jacques Atalli, a man of Jewish descent and with what I consider to be a dubious reputation, was the right-hand man of François Mitterrand, the viceroy of France for 10 years. As early as 1981 he is said to have written the following in his book The Future of Life:

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population… Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good… We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn't matter , the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone. ”


The future is about finding a way to reduce the population. Of course we cannot do that by executing people or putting people in camps. We can get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. We will find or create something, a pandemic that attacks people, a real or no real economic crisis, a virus that hits the elderly, it doesn't matter, the weak and the frightened will succumb to it. The fools will believe it and will ask to be treated. We will ensure that we have the treatment ready, a treatment that is the solution. The selection of idiots goes without saying. They automatically go to the slaughterhouse.


You can guess for yourself whether he is Klaus's friend? As founder and boss of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, he also implements exactly the same strategy of Klaus et al.

I will explain more about klaus soon. A loyal visitor of CSTV has provided me with information that still takes a lot of work.

In any case, it seems that he, like Klaus, has found inspiration in The Protocols. And he blows the same words as Klaus and all the other billionaires who all pretend to want the best for us.


We, good citizens, cannot believe that people like this and our governments are planning such nasty things for us. Exterminate us. We don't believe that.

But do you think that the majority of the Jews in World War II, who were told to remember the number of their clothes hook, in order to be able to quickly find their things again after a shower, believed that they would be a few minutes later gassed?


In China, in Russia, in many African countries, in Argentina, there are so many examples of regimes that have massacred their own people. I lived in Cambodia for a while and everyone I met there has relatives and acquaintances who were murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime. pol pot had a quarter, yes 25%, of its own population murdered. In the beginning with bullets, but when it cost him too much money, he simply smashed the skull with a bat.


All this is not so long ago dear people. Do you really think that the current rulers, who have all converted to dictatorism in a year, are incapable of atrocities? Do you really think that will not happen again. I think the Dutch, Belgian, German and English police are already warming up to the tough tasks that await them.

It is hard to deny that Rutte is starting to resemble Hitler more and more.


But from the other side, it's not all nonsense. The world population is unprecedentedly high and is growing exponentially. Just a few rough figures: In 1900 the world population consisted of about 1 billion people. That was the highest number ever. 50 years later, including 2 world wars and a real pandemic later, in 1950, the world population was about 2 billion people. Doubling in 50 years.

Now, in 2021, 71 years later, the world population consists of almost 8 billion people ………….

And counting….

In the year 1990 I boarded an airplane for the first time in my life. A trip to India. To date the most impressive experience of my life. After that I visited many other countries, especially in South East Asia and South America. The level of life for the people there at the time was far below the level of us in Western Europe. But the people, who had next to nothing, knew very well that we in Europe were a lot better and wanted that too. A fridge, a TV, a motorcycle and, the ultimate dream, a car. I quickly realized that these people's wishes were justified. But I also realized, in view of the enormous crowds in Asia, that that would mean an enormous burden on nature and possibly the end of planet Earth.


That made me think enormously. On the one hand, I wish all people the best. Or, as a good friend of mine brilliantly puts it:

I wish you double what you give me.

But I did realize that if all these people around the world are going to consume at the same level as we did in the West, then the Earth is not going to be okay. And that is exactly what is happening now.

Man has the capacity to withdraw from most of the natural laws and processes. In general, we are not threatened by animals, we just shoot them, we are not threatened by the climate, we have a roof over our heads, we are not threatened by diseases, we have medicine for that. We have found solutions for all the laws of nature that could regulate our species. On the one hand, that is fantastic, but on the other it puts a great deal of responsibility on ourselves. And it seems and turns out that we do not take that responsibility:

Regulating our own kind.

The growth of the world population is now greater than ever. Breeding premiums are still paid in many Western countries. While there should actually be a children's tax. I really know that many people with children are now going to rear up, but now think about it carefully. On an individual level it is of course fantastic, the happy birth of your baby. But on a global scale, exponential population growth is part of a huge problem. Only a bit difficult to discuss.

India and China have enacted measures to overcome this problem in the past, but they have not been appreciated or made easy by the population and the rest of the world. And so, they just gave up on their efforts.

Actually, we should all think about it carefully. Were those solutions of India and China so bad at the time? Can there be better solutions? I think that should be the global discussion.

If we can't get into that discussion with each other, then gates and rockefellers and all the other fools jump in the hole and solve it their way.

The real work will of course be different. That's what the syringes are for. There is currently a slight panic because the first spraying session should not have resulted in any casualties. The first session is designed to gain confidence. You take the syringe, they change the pcr test, and see: It's working.

Much fewer 'infected patients'. And you can go on holiday again with your new passport.

The enthusiasts who do not want to be excluded from social participation. Stupid fools, they are not even allowed in the supermarket anymore….

I think the intention is that with the 2nd syringe it will also be okay with the number of victims. And if they do come, yes, it is of course due to the much more dangerous North Korean or Mongolian variant. Quickly take the 3rd syringe and everything will be fine again. For them then. Not for you.

My condolences in advance.



Spread the freedom!

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