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My father passed away. Another covid dead? Or not?

CommonSenseTV's regular visitors know that I have written regularly about incorrect diagnostics and incorrect records of causes of death.

All too easily, the death certificates list Covid-19, when the actual cause of death could be quite another. Many governments reward doctors for doing this.

I think this is a serious crime. Both from governments and from doctors who cooperate in this.

As a writer / columnist for CommonSenseTV, I have regularly reported on these types of practices. However, I always had my information from others who testified about this or got my information from statistical data showing marked differences from other years.

But in my dad's case, I just see it happening before my own eyes.

My father was a heart patient. Many years. We had known for a long time that one day he would die of heart failure. And unfortunately, that happened last week. All efforts have been made to resuscitate him, but to no avail.

The protocols prescribe that his doctor, or an on-call doctor, comes to determine his cause of death. It was Sunday evening, so the doctor on duty got a call.

The so-called B form is an anonymous register of causes of death, intended for Statistics Netherlands. After completing this form, it is put in an envelope, closed and the undertaker ensures that the form ends up in the right place. Now it is a coincidence that curiosity is a family ailment and we wanted to know what was on this form. Especially since the doctor on duty had informed us that we were not allowed to open this envelope.

The doctor on duty:

Without any examination, without any knowledge of my father's file, without asking a single question to my father's doctor or to the family, the doctor on duty writes on Sunday evening, February 14, on the form that my father sent to covid-19 died and was also ill for 4 days.

Of course we contacted this doctor the next day, but he only knew that he is a doctor and that we are not. (He does not know us and therefore cannot know that at all). In any case, he did not even consider correcting this form.

We also spoke with my father's doctor. An engaging and knowledgeable physician who agreed that my father had died 99,99999% certainly not from Covid but from heart failure.

Enough reasons not to let it pass.

Sufficient reason to file a report for forgery.

I contacted the police. Initially, they were somewhat reluctant to include this declaration. But after some explanation and insistence they accepted it anyway. My offer to write the police report myself may also have contributed to this. I am also going to file a complaint with the medical disciplinary committee, but to be honest, I expect little from that.


An appeal to all people who also have to deal with a B form in a closed envelope: Open it, check what is written on that form and if it is not correct, file a report.

Here you can read the police report and view the B form.

police report-covid




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