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National campaign 'Is everyone always welcome in your business?' on Saturday, September 25. Will you help make it a great success?

Spread the freedom!

From Choice Free With Me

On Saturday 25 September, the day the corona passport is introduced, the ambassadors of Keuze Vrij Bij Me will enter the country en masse. On that day we will talk to thousands of shopkeepers and catering entrepreneurs about the important question: Is everyone always welcome in your business?

If the answer to this is 'yes', the Keuze Vrij Bij Me sticker is immediately placed on the shop window, the poster is hung and the flyer is shared with information about how the entrepreneur behaves. registers.

In this way we will help entrepreneurs to speak out in favor of freedom of choice and against exclusion. And to make this visible to all their customers.

The reason we do this is obvious; Choice Free Bij Mij stands for a society where everyone is always welcome. Even without QR code or test proof. A society based on trust, connection and creativity in which everyone's individual choices about body and health are respected and there is no room for exclusion.


We need your help to make this campaign a great success! Let us know in which city you want to help and fill in this form:
We will ensure that you are equipped with flyers, stickers, posters and t-shirts.

Will you help? Let's make it a great day together! Sign up quickly.

In the video below, Ed Kortekaas of the Keuze Vrij Bij Mij team explains the action.


Spread the freedom!

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