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Nationalist victories in Europe

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Several Nationalist victories have taken place in Serbia, Poland and France last week.

In Poland, Nationalist President Andrzej Duda received 43.67% of the vote in the first round of the Presidential Election, from 34.76% in 2015.

In France, Louis Aliot, on behalf of Assemblement National (formerly Front National), won mayor in Perpignan (120.000 inhabitants) last Sunday. With this, RN wins its first major city.

Penultimate Sunday The Nationalist won in Serbia “For Our ChildrenCoalition with a large majority of 60.7% of the votes and 76.4% of the seats) in Parliament, compared to 48.25% of the votes and 52.4% of the seats in 2016.


Polish Presidential Election, 2020 (First round)

Results of the French municipal elections

Result of the Serbian parliamentary elections (96.58% of the votes counted)

Appendix: “A point of light in a forest that seems dark too often”

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