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Dutch municipalities want to receive refugee children

While everyone is distracted by the Corona crisis, 37 municipalities join an initiative to bring in 500 orphans from Greek refugee camps.

Despite the willingness of a growing number of municipalities, the Netherlands has so far refused to take over minor migrants from Greece. The activists / pathological altruists of the Refugee Foundation, the Dutch Council for Refugees and Defense for Children consider this unacceptable.

For the sake of convenience, it is forgotten that these children also become adults at some point, with all the associated cultural and religious friction points towards the host country that brought in the minors.

Adopted toddlers may not get those frictional points in a loving family, but young teens up to the age of 18 are the biggest risk group we're already dealing with. That is a difference.

Merkel previously agreed to bring in young people under the age of 18. Crime among minor migrants is enormous. (source) So the question is very important whether we are talking here about toddlers or also about young (strong) teenagers?



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