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NETFLIX quits gay series after Turkish Supreme Court ruling

Netflix has the production from a series with a gay character geannuleerd in Turkey. The streaming giant failed to deliver the approval from the government for filming. The screenwriter of the series reported this.

'If Only' is about one dissatisfied married woman stuck with twins.
She is unhappy and therefore travels back in time to the day she died wedding was asked.

Screenwriter Ece Yörenc confirms that the series 'If Only' has been canceled.

Because there was a gay man in it, there was none permission for the series and that is very scary for the future, 'says Yörenc in cultural newspaper Altyazi Fasikul.

According to Fasikul, Netflix felt compelled to complete the project to cancel after the request of the Turkish Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTÜK) to remove the gay character from the script.

Netflix admits the defeat.

"But we remain deeply attached to our subscribers and the creative community in Turkey," the streaming platform said in a statement.

Photo: Turkish oil wrestling to promote male bonding

The controversy comes at a time when officials and media close to the Turkish government are stepping up anti-LGBT comments.

In April, the head of the Religious Affairs Department, Ali Erbas, made a connection between homosexuality and illness.

Turkey is one of the few Muslim countries where homosexuality is NOT legally punished.

But the Istanbul Pride March which used to attract thousands of people, has now been banned in Turkey for five years.

Photo: Turkish boat during Amsterdam Gay Pride

Turkish government deputy chairman Mahir Unal tweeted that he is convinced that Netflix will be better from now on will take into account with Turkish culture and norms and values.


Photo: Turkish oil wrestling

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