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NieuweTijd LIVE – Alternative to the current food system (Herenboeren)

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NieuweTijd LIVE – Alternative to the current food system (Herenboeren)

More and more people want to know where their food comes from and are increasingly making more conscious choices.

Years ago, Geert van der Veer saw the ultimate opportunity to produce fair and sustainable food as an alternative. He started De Herenboeren in 2012 and there are now 10 operating locations in the Netherlands.

In the livestream I talk to Geert about the approach to such a Herenboeren location.

How do you actually get a piece of land? And where do you get a farmer who wants to maintain the land?

'Herenboeren is a growing citizen movement that demonstrates that the production of our daily food can be done differently, better and above all more sustainable'.

In addition to the fact that there is a great need from society to produce fair and sustainable food, the movement also has a social function, according to Geert.

Certainly last year during corona there were many people who were in isolation and therefore had a hard time. Social interaction outside on land certainly has an important function.

'We see great opportunities for these cooperative farms that allow citizens to share ownership of their own farm; consumers who produce and consume together on a demand-driven basis'

You can register with De Herenboeren via this page:

For more information, visit the website:

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