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New crop of farmmurders and farmattacks

After a pharma tackle from over Friday October 2, a whole family remained hard traumatized behind.

At 11.30:XNUMX am, seven black thugs broke into a farm near Fochville, Gauteng.

They overpowered and abused those present in the farm: a mother with four children.

They demanded money and weapons, while they wanted to rape the young girls.

Under pressure, the woman opened the safe, and the intruders ran away from the crime scene with six weapons.

The seven drove a silver Toyota Corolla and a white Ford Ranger pick-up truck without registration documents.

No further information is available.

The day before, a young farmer was tortured to death and strangled to death by black farm attackers.

Brendin Horner (21) was stabbed several times. He also had a head wound.

In the Free State, Paul Roux west of Bethlehem Thursday evening October 1 the farmmurder took place.

It is unknown how many robbers Brendin encountered when he left his father's farm at 19.00 p.m.

At 22.00 p.m. his family became worried because he was not home yet.

They went looking for Brendin, but couldn't find him anywhere. He was also inaccessible by phone.

Friday morning, Brendin's father was still searching.

At the gate he suddenly found Brendin's cap with a knife on it.

A little further away was his dead body.

Tied by his neck to a stake.

Police spokesman Motantsi Makheli said Brendin's Hilux pick-up truck had been found abandoned along the S194, near another farm.

The car was covered in blood.

There is no more information at the moment.

No arrests have been made.

Boere Krisis Aksie

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