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Last week we posted this Tweet because of a striking agenda item that we ran into.

Secret private meeting on change CONSTITUTION

It is not clear whether this meeting was about the following.

MESSAGE NOS Monday April 27 

Emergency law for emergency measures in the making

The government is working on an emergency law to give the measures against the spread of the corona virus a firmer legal basis. Within a few weeks, this law must replace the emergency regulations in which the measures are now laid down. This is reported by sources in The Hague to NRC.

The new law must put an end to what jurists say 'untenable', 'undemocratic' and 'unconstitutional' emergency ordinances. The measures laid down therein, such as the prohibition on group formation without keeping a meter and a half away, affect the constitutionally established freedom of association, religion and education. And that the police enter crowded houses violates the right to privacy.

Those rights are enshrined in the Constitution. It is only permitted to object to this if it has been laid down by law. This is not the case with emergency regulations. The new law should regulate this better, so that civil rights can be (temporarily) limited.

The law must also ensure better democratic support. Regulations cannot be debated and voted by politicians. Then you can with the emergency law, which is expected to apply until September 30.

Whole article:

NRC quote:

“Going against the Constitution is only allowed if it is legally enacted - not the emergency ordinances. The new law must regulate this better, so that civil rights can be (temporarily) curtailed. This may mean that citizens can be more easily punished if they do not follow measures. "

Whole article:

"Good afternoon guys, there are three of you?"

The police see that most people abide by the rules regarding the corona measures, yet things are not always going well. Like today in the Wilhelminapark in Utrecht. And then King's Day has yet to begin.



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