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New left-wing Mayor invites Soros - Timmermans carries out repopulation

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The first thing that the brand new left-wing mayor of Budapest has in his agenda is to invite George Soros.

Last year it has CEU (Central European University) by George Soros indicated that it is likely to divert to Vienna.

This is because of a new law that passed in Hungary in 2017. US diplomas could no longer be awarded in addition to the Hungarian diplomas.

Last Sunday, during local elections, the Hungarian opposition succeeded in a number of cities Fidesz  (from Orbán) by working together as one block. The opposition parties are also normally opposite each other, but this way Fidesz could barely be defeated in a number of cities.

The former mayorr Istvan Taros of Orban´s Fidesz party is replaced by the Green and left-wing mayor Gregely Karacsony.

This new mayor has bet on a number of changes in the Hungarian capital.

According to an Financial Times report is one of the top priorities for asking George Soros to stay with his CEU in Boedepast.

The CEU (Central European University) is a liberal art university founded by the far left and globalist George Soros. Due to the new law of Fidesz in 2017, the CEU had to largely relocate to Vienna.

The government of Victor Orbán sees Soros and his university as one propaganda machine of ideas, values ​​and rules that go against the Hungarian values ​​of Orbán.

Orbán has on several occasions accused Soros of using its billions to flood Europe with migrants neo-Marxisthe ideas.

After these local elections, there are now lives 3 out of 10 million inhabitants in cities where the left-wing opposition is in power locally.

Surrounding George Soros and Frans Timmermans goes further and further.


As previously written in an article, Soros and Timmermans, among others, are working hard to transform Europe in record time. (see article Timmermans and Soros).

The puzzle pieces fall into each other.

Frans Timmermans already had a conversation with the left and green mayor last week Gergely Karácsony from Budapest.

Timmermans visits all major cities in Europe with left-wing mayors. The goal is for the mayors to make their city available to receive immigrants. On the other hand there is a reimbursement.

After this change of mayors, it is clear what will happen to the capital of Hungary. It will flood with non-Western immigrants.

People talk about it 700-1000 economic migrants that are labeled “refugees” to influence public opinion. And that still works pretty well. See how people voted in the Netherlands “Our French”. 

Even though right-wing and realistic political parties continue to grow and win, these people will never stop their perilous plan to transform Europe and create a borderless continent in which all cultures will merge into one large globalist empire.

That's our Fransie. Thank the Netherlands asleep for voting against our own country and culture. 
It is not very daring to state that Matteo Salvini was also put away because he was the implementation plans thwarted.
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And so everything is connected. This is the tip of the iceberg. Among these people are figures such as Mark Rutte:
People without a backbone who easily deny their ideals by putting a little pressure on them and offering them a bright future in the EU.
 See change in Rutte in 9 years
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