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New politics?

New politics?

Dear reader,

I just want to show here that the majority of our so-called representatives of the people no longer care about us as citizens!

Sometimes it's great fun to lure certain egos out of their tent. Jasper van Dijk I also sent a certain response, but i think the message for clearly reached him.

See below an email exchange from me as a citizen with the hyena politics!

See below the charade of people who should represent our country. Check out this video!

Following this video:

This video is rightly called as mentioned below:

Pepijn van Houwelingen: Are we going to talk about serious things?

Salima, it is just a farce that you still dare to call yourself an impartial chairman and I only want to say to your party colleague Sjoerd that I, like so many citizens, start to be disgusted when you try to party again with your Reformed stamp. put away in a certain angle, because of apps.
I did not vote for the FvD, but I think you both are people who are no longer in the room at all out of national interest, I simply think you are dirty, let me leave it at that!
Chris Collard

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